Autumn, Lykke & Gotham #LittleLoves

Hello Friday and Hello Autumn!

As always it’s been a bit hectic here and so here I am with two weeks worth of Little Loves.  LB has been on Half Days until today (full time school finally starts on Monday-I am excited and nervous about finally getting ourselves into a PROPER routine).  Work is full swing and means I won’t be seeing a lot of LB for the first half of the week.  P is teething and abit snotty so isn’t sleeping well, so I’ve been pretty exhausted and trying to cram everything into the very short naptimes he seems to have decided on.  However in amongst the day to day madness there have been some truly wonderful parts of the last few weeks.


We’ve been enjoying some time over at the Park in the afternoons while we have the chance.  Although LB started school 2.5 weeks ago and we’ve got into a nice little routine, i feel nervous again about full time starting next week and how this is going to change the dynamic even more.  I’m feeling full on mum guilt about working 3 nights and therefore LB having to go into an after school club and working out childcare is a nightmare. BOO!


I’ve been trying to get a bit of downtime as my head feels a little full at the minute, so have flicked through October’s Red magazine as well as ordering and getting a third of the way through The little book of Lykke after seeing it on Instagram.  I never got round to getting the Little book of Hygge but feel like i might after this one.  Its all about Happiness and I’m currently trying to grab it with both hands.


Apart from music for my classes I havent really listened to anything.  For some bizarre reason i rarely put music on at home,  I tend to enjoy the silence (though i admit I do miss music).  I’ve always been a huge fan of P!nk and have been loving her new one which has been playing on the radio a lot.


I have quite a selection this week.  I’ve started the new season of Cold Feet, a firm favourite of mine-i couldnt believe when it came back after all those years.  Me and B were so excited to see that Gotham season 3 had come onto Netflix and we binge watched all 21 episodes in just over a week.
Now come on Season 4 don’t take too long.

We also got Boss Baby free from Sky through Sky VIP which I had seen via an Instagram story-Thank You Mrs Meldrum. LB had been desperate to see it and it gave us a great excuse to cuddle up on the sofa together.

I also went to the theatre with a friend to see a Spice Girls tribute show.  She had won tickets and knows i love the theatre-well all I can say was it was eventful.  There was a fight in the theatre while the girls were singing, including a bottle of prosecco poured over someones head and then they all got chucked out.  The performers left the stage and everything.
It was strange though as everyone was standing up singing and dancing and taking selfies and videoing-i did want to say you do realise this isn’t the real spice girls-though they did have pretty damn good voices.


I also watched the Strictly show a couple of weeks ago, partnering up all the celebs and dancers and I am a little excited about the Series starting tomorrow!  Striclty always makes me feel like Autumn has started and the countdown to christmas has started.



We’ve had a real selection of meals over the last few weeks but we have certainly moved from summer food to comfort food.  Tomato soup and mussels, Lasagne, Beef stew, Sausage and Bean Casserole, Fish Pie and B made a chicken tagine last weekend which he had seen the Hairy Bikers do-unforunately a bit too flavoursome for us.
The lemon was a bit overpowering.



The last few weeks the weather has truly been all over the place. There’s been so much rain, wind, some rather misty almost frosty feeling mornings and then gorgeous blue sky and sunshine-Ive really not known what to do it’s been all about the layering.  I did however get all dressed up to go out with some friends last Friday for dinner and cocktails.  It was wonderful to get out in heeled boots and a blazer jacket over patterned trousers, eat, drink, catch up with my girlies and giggle.  Sorry no photos of the outfit but the pornstar martinis were certainly better.  And yes that is a tequila.


And Lastly

LB started football over the summer and had seemed to really enjoy it so we signed him up for the next few sessions, however with starting school he’s done a lot of crying and ‘i’m so tired’ when he’s there the last few weeks – so tomorrow I’m sending Daddy!  Two weeks ago I took him out for lunch afterwards to say well done for starting school so well.  Seriously the food that boy can put away is simply crazy.  A sausage sandwich, pancakes with fruit, ice cream and a babyccino. It was so lovely to spend a few hours chatting and giggling while i watched him eat his body weight in food.
I must say I did enjoy some pancakes with bacon and maple syrup myself.

Have a great week! x



4 thoughts on “Autumn, Lykke & Gotham #LittleLoves

  1. coffeeworksleep says:

    Firstly, I’m so sorry for the lateness of my comment, it’s been a crazy week!
    What a jam packed full of loveliness this post is Gemma!
    That Spice Girls tribute gig sounds like an eventful night for sure!
    Loving all your foodie pics, as ever, you’re making me super hungry xx


  2. Jenny Ripatti-Taylor (@letstalkmommy) says:

    Oh looks like you have had a busy week. Love the food snaps making me hungry. I have been watching the start to strictly the first time ever. I know where have I been. It’s good. Haven’t seen Gotham yet but put on my netflix list. Loved the book of Lykke read it in a day. I haven’t been the best at accepting Autumn yet but trying to now holiday blues are melting makes it easier. #littleloves


    • gemslittletreasures says:

      Yey another strictly viewer! I only jumped on the bandwagon a few years back (and I’m a dance teacher-lol). Gotham as fab-affirm fave in our house! It must be hard to get into autumn after such a glorious summer, you don’t really want it to end! Have a lovely weekend x


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