End of the Summer, New Routine & You Tube #LittleLoves

So here we are the beginning of September,
back into the swing of things, back to a routine and a rather big change for us in our household. This week LB had his first 3 half days at big school, I’ve been back at work 3 evenings a week and B and P have had to start fitting everything in around us with some help from the lovely Nanny’s obviously.

We enjoyed our last few days of the Summer at the Park, seeing family and chilling at home to recoup some energy.  We crossed off the last few days on our Summer Holiday wall planner and got ready for this new adventure.

img_4598If I’m honest its thrown me a little bit.  Last term i was only working 1 evening so i was around for the boys the rest of the time.  I’d decided to add one more evening and then got forced into a 3rd with an abrupt resignation from a teacher.
So here I am trying to get my head around my work as well as LB starting school.  I dont agree with 2.5 weeks of half days but I suppose its helping ease us all in to the big change gently.  I am finding it rather sad to be heading off to work leaving these guys and coming back when they are in bed, though I do love my job so it definitely helps.



This week I have been re reading all the school info to make sure I’ve got everything under control-still so much I’m unsure of.
I guess we’ll just learn along the way.


As we start back at dancing this week we go into show term for our full school show on 2nd December, so I am up to my eyeballs with finding music for our themes, choosing costumes and all of the other admin.  One of my favourite pieves of music I have found for a tribal dance is this…..


You Tube Videos galore as I’ve been sitting every night working out what tracks to do for my show and also looking for inspiration as I’m choreographing this and panto at the same time.  I’m looking forward to seeing Strictly tomorrow (always gets me into Autumn/Winter mode) and I have just found out that Series 3 of Gotham is on Netflix so this weekend is dedicated to that.


This week I’ve been trying to prep dinner earlier in the day so i can put it in the oven before i head off to work, making life easier for Daddy and Nannys to feed the boys while I’m out.  Seriously this is all going to neeed military precision organisation.  So far I’ve done Cottage Pie, Spaghetti Bolognese and a Chicken Traybake.


So it seems its Autumn.  I was hoping for a warm September after such a miserable summer holidays.  However it seems climate change has a completely different idea for us.  The boots have come out (though i certainly need a new pair) and I’ve had to put on a coat for the school run and generally take an umbrella.  My first few days into the joy of daily school runs has consisted of getting really rather soaked.


Theres also been plenty of welly wearing
(to be honest this has been happening all the way through the summer) img_4488


So I wrote a little post about LB starting School on Wednesday so I won’t bombard you with photos (ok maybe just one).  As with most things he’s taken it in his stride.  He wont be doing full days until the 25th September which is a little crazy, but so far we seem to be doing all right.  We havent been late or forgotten anything-that i know of, he’s gone in like a dream and although he cant tell me a single thing he’s done whilst there (apparently there is just too much to remember) it all seems to have started off well.  Fingers crossed this continues into full days.



4 thoughts on “End of the Summer, New Routine & You Tube #LittleLoves

  1. coffeeworksleep says:

    Aw, so pleased that LB is settling well into school. Time really flies by doesn’t it?
    My girls are I are super excited about Strictly being back in TV again. They are super annoyed that it’s not on this week and they have to wait until next week to watch it again! xx


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