First Day of School

So the day is here!
Wednesday 6th September 2017.
The day my little boy heads off to his first day at big School and starts a brand new journey that will take him through the next 13 years
– yikes thats scary! All through the summer he has been excited about it, telling everybody that at the end of the summer holidays he is starting big school.  Now, due to the size of him, people thought he meant going back to school into year 1 but no this gorgeous boy has gone to reception.  He is 4years old in size 5-6 clothes with size 12 feet.  He’s a giant in comparison to most of his friends, yet still this morning the uniform looked huge on him and made him seem so much older than his 4 years.

For quite a while now he has been telling me what he wants to be when he grows up and it did not change when i asked him this morning.  As my cousin says he’s going to be a busy boy putting out fires on the moon -lol!
I have seen quite a lot of mums doing this and thought its such a lovely idea to try and keep going through his years at school.
I wonder what he’ll want to be after his first year at school?

This morning he got a bit of a treat with things he’s not normally allowed at breakfast like his pad to watch you tube, coco pops and blackcurrant squash followed by strawberries and a crumpet.  Seriously the boy does not stop eating.  Before we left he gave Daddy a big thumbs up.  Daddy says he didnt come with us to school because he didnt want to make a big deal out of it all, but i reckon its because he secretly felt quite emotional about it all.  This is the status he put on Facebook this morning……He does have a soppy side really!

To all the mums feeling emotional this morning, especially my wife.  Wipe away those tears and hold your heads high.  They’ve only made it this far because of your unrelenting commitment, your kindness and your strength.  You’re doing the hardest, least appreciated job in the world and you’re doing it well! We’d be absolutely lost without you.
So hold your head high and be proud!

As we walked round we bumped into one of his friends from preschool so they walked into school together.  LB was not happy about queuing to get in he was so eager.  He found his name on his peg, put everything on it and went to take his All About Me homework sheet to his teacher (he wouldnt put it on her desk he had to give it straight to her).  She remembered his name (apparently some you can’t forget) and gave him a name sticker.  He then headed off into the room, it was me that had to say ‘excuse me mate do i get a kiss?’ He ran back for a quick kiss, snuggle and cuddle before heading off without a care in the world.  I  had a lump in my throat but no tears, he was just so happy, I felt so proud of the gorgeous little boy he has become.

Some children including my niece start school today and go straight to full time and thats it, some have a few days of half days before starting full time next week, we however have 2.5 weeks.  He comes home before lunch for a week and a half and then after lunch for a week.  So he doesnt start full time until 25th September which feels absolutely crazy to me and like we cant really get ourselves into our new routine properly, however it’ll also be wonderful to catch up with him in the afternoons before i have to go to work.  So i can’t complain too much.

So by 9am I was back at home telling the hubby how it had all gone.  Making myself a cup of coffee to enjoy with some chocolate, ready to write this blog post.  P has gone down for a nap-god knows how long for, as over the summer it seems to have shrunk to an hour (but i wonder if that was because his noisy brother was around) and I have decided not to clean, not to work, but just to relax this morning and enjoy the peace before picking him up again.  I will get myself into a routine of work, housework, meeting friends, toddler groups etc in no time I’m sure, but for today I am just going to take it all in and feel proud!


My first little boy now all grown up and ready for a new Adventure!
Bring it on!

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