#Meandmineproject (August)

In true Tanswell style we didn’t seem to manage getting a family photo last month. This month however I tried to snap them everywhere-not all successful obviously!

Family time has not been easy this summer! B has been super busy at work even working evenings on all his paperwork and some weekends (including bank holiday). This is when being self employed can suck. I however have absolutely avoided work since my summer school finished and have basically sat about drinking gin and trying not to think about what I’m doing this weekend which Is basically cramming in a whole months worth of organisation and admin. We’ve managed a few little family days mainly at home as we’ve just been exhausted by the time the weekend has hit but a walk in the woods to clear some cobwebs and run off some energy has been greatly appreciated.

Mummy is loving

  • Gin-seriously why did I always hate it?!
  • Reading a book-I’ve even managed to finish 1 and almost a 2nd
  • The summer holidays have been wonderful but I must admit the gin has been necessary (most days)!
  • Using Headspace and a gratitude journal at the end of the day
  • Making new friends & catching up with old ones.

Daddy is loving

  • Days out playing Golf with friends
  • A Golf game app on his phone-I swear he’s addicted
  • Mummy’s risotto
  • Playing and chatting with the boys in our bed on weekends, bouncing on the bed, singing in the shower and generally being a loony daddy
  • Being busy at work-the self employed dream! Except not having as much time with us kinda sucks!

LB is loving

  • Buying all his new big school uniform for starting next week-eek
  • The book The Wishing Chair Collection and The Faraway Tree (2 chapters before bed each night)
  • All the fun days out with family and friends to parks, farms, woods and National Trust properties. Eating picnics and BBQs, watching films, heading to the library and lots of cuddles and of course tantrums
  • Learning to play Mario Party on the Wii – hours of fun -we are looking forward to when he can do it completely on his own
  • Asking mummy what we are doing next – every morning, afternoon and evening
  • Oh and an added bonus one…..he has loved Little Kickers every saturday morning.

P is loving

  • Cruising around the furniture in his first pair of shoes
  • Learning to crawl faster than his army shuffle oh and climbing the stairs
  • All the attention when out and about with family and friends
  • Being tickled and hung upside down – oh the giggles!
  • Mummy’s cooking (lasagne, homemade pizza, quinoa – you name it)


2 thoughts on “#Meandmineproject (August)

    • gemslittletreasures says:

      I love that!! It’s so hard to get everyone to smile but everyone being crazy seems to work-lol! It was a lovely summer now just trying to get my head round the new routine of school etc. I am getting a little excited for autumn now I must admit x


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