Delicious, Harmonies & Ratatouille #LittleLoves #32

Happy Sunday everyone – yes I should have posted this on Friday but it’s just been one of those weeks. First week of summer down but it’s been our first week of summer school so we haven’t had too many adventures & not many photos taken unfortunately (well not that I can share anyway).  Just days full of singing, dancing and giggles with my students and the boys.  
LB did get a sneaky day at Odds Farm with his Nanny but P bless him has spent 6 hours a day surrounded by Musical Theatre and full blown attention-
he’s loved every minute and it’s been exhausting!

It’s been a busy week but we’ve been doing the same thing every day so I was thinking there’ll be nothing to write about, somehow I’ve manage to find something though-in fact quite a bit!


I’m still making my way through Eat Pray Love (I’ve completed Eat and Pray so now onto Love) but with exhausted evenings after summer school and trying to catch up with admin I’ve generally been vegging out on the sofa.
I keep falling asleep when reading, wherever i am-on the sofa, in bed or in the bath.
My book left an imprint on my forehead the other day.


Such beautiful harmonies at our summer school.
It amazes me every year the beautiful songs my students can pull out the bag! Thanks to my Graduate student who is back doing vocals.  I can sing but couldn’t possibly teach what she does.


I caught up on the last few episodes of Marvel Agents of Shield . A little guilty pleasure of mine! I’ve also watched the full series of Delicious-there was only 4 episodes but I did it in one night and thoroughly enjoyed it! The storylines were great and I do like Dawn French and Emilia Fox.

I’ve also watched the new Beauty and the Beast film too,
which I was worried I was going to be disappointed with but actually loved!
The music, the set, the characters were all beautiful.


It has been a rush at dinner every night this week as I’ve not been getting in with the kids till almost 5pm every day. It’s been about finding the healthiest, quick food to get into 2 hungry, overtired boys. We’ve had fish cakes, pesto pasta and my personal favourite Ratatouille. P loved it but LB is generally against anything vegetable related unless it’s corn on the cob or broccoli! Leftovers were then perfect with quinoa for lunch the next day.


I’ve been back in Dancewear this week for our summer school not that I’ve done a huge amount. My graduate students have come back and taken over, which has been great for me getting admin done and with both boys with me it’s tough to spend the whole day choreographing with them hanging off me.
They have been such a help and it’s all looking so fab, I am very proud!

We went to a christening and then a 4th birthday party last Sunday so we were all dressed up smartly. I love seeing LB in a shirt and his little brown leather loafers.
It just scares me how grown up he looks though.

And Lastly

Can someone tell me what is going on with this weather?
Seriously it’s the summer holidays and I think the only time I’ve seen a clear blue sky is before 7am. By 9am it’s been grey and miserable and the amount of rain is crazy. I’ve got one more week of summer school but after that I’m home with the boys and I have loads of fun things planned, but they are mostly outside. I really hope the summer is not a complete wash out! Even trying to get to the park amidst the showers can be hard as half the equipment is soaked!

4 thoughts on “Delicious, Harmonies & Ratatouille #LittleLoves #32

  1. coffeeworksleep says:

    How smart does LB look? What a fab smart outfit.
    Delicious was great wasn’t it? A lot of it was filmed in the village I grew up in, so I spent most of the time keeping an eye out and spotting places I knew xx


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