First Shoes, Lists and the end of Preschool #LittleLoves #31

Well Hello Summer Holidays-Today is officially the first day and I’ve been up since 5.30am and if I’m honest it has not gone that well, as well as having to cancel our trip to the farm tomorrow as the weather is going to be rubbish!! I’m not going to let that get us down though as Me and LB have spent some time the last few weeks coming up with some ideas for our Summer Family Fun and  we are getting rather excited.

This week has been crazy and emotional and we’ve hit numerous milestones.
LB has had his Sports Day and last day at Preschool ever-sob, P has got his first pair of shoes and I’m sure more teeth coming through as he is not a happy boy.  I’ve had brunch with my grandparents and cousins, been to a village fete with friends, had a full day of Panto Auditions, booked more places for my summer school and caught up on some work, had lunch out with a  friend and today is our 6th Wedding Anniversary.  I can feel a chinese and bottle of fizz coming up-do you think  he’ll allow me to put on a romantic film? I can dream right!
As you can imagine my house is a complete pigsty though!

img_2230Anyway grab yourself a cuppa or a glass of something alcoholic (it is the start of the summer after all) and enjoy my Little Loves for this week.


I have continued with Eat Pray Love though haven’t picked it up every night as last week.  I’m still in the second section while she spends time at the Ashram in India but I’m still really enjoying it-even 2nd time round. I really am going to try and get some reading in this summer.

LBs amazing report! Oh my goodness.  I remember writing these reports for other children when I worked as a preschool assistant but being on the receiving end of such beautiful words about your child – how polite, caring, kind, humorous, popular, friendly and surprisingly good at tennis he is is simply overwhelming. We are very proud parents and to think that this report will be making its way to his new school so they have a better idea of the person he is just makes me so happy.



How missed LB will be from preschool. It was lovely to hear how his teachers were going to miss him and he’d certainly made a few cheerleaders from some younger boys there.  Literally they jumped around at the side of sports day cheering LB on in his races.  So cute! img_2280

‘Is the next day Elliott’s Party?’ Seriously thank god it’s on Sunday! He’s been invited to a couple of parties this year but unfortunately we’ve had plans every time so although we have a christening this sunday morning we’ve promised he can make it to this one. He’s also asking about playdates with various friends from preschool so i’ve certainly got some organising to do.


I caught up on about 5 episodes of Quantico (still massively behind) but its a series that I really have enjoyed.  I don’t know if there’ll be any more than this second series but I do hope so. The weather has been rubbish so i haven’t been sitting outside with B so much so I’ve taken that opportunity to curl up on the sofa.

LB win the potato and spoon race at sports day and receive his gold medal that he’d made! Man does he melt my heart-when he’s not driving me crazy of course.


Lists in my new book B got me. I love a good list but now I’ve got a special book for all those non ‘daily to do’ ones. With lists like…..things that make me happy, 5 year goals, accomplishments, favourite places, films to watch or books to read and many more. I can’t wait to keep adding to it and use it as a reference.

Food wise at home nothing exciting but I believe I made a fab brunch choice when I went out with my grandparents and cousins last Saturday!  Creamy mushrooms on toast with bacon and scrambled egg and then we were all naughty and had pastries too.  The scones were amazing but as you can see i wasn’t sure what should come first jam or cream?!

And what a view it was!
We had such a wonderful morning chatting, catching up and giggling.
Definitely something we should do more often! img_2188


My hair in a side plait. Wish I could do French or Dutch plaits on myself like my sister can but nope.  I also managed to wear a necklace as I went out free of the baby-now thats exciting!

And Lastly

On Thursday P got his first pair of shoes from Clarks and we got the bigger shock that my 4 year old is now a size 12 I mean seriously??!!
I can’t believe we seem to be hitting milestones by the day at the minute and its so wonderful to be able to watch as these two take their next steps.


I hope you all have a fabulous week and enjoy the first part of your summer holidays.  My summer school starts next week so there aren’t going to be too many family adventures happening for a couple of weeks unfortunately, but we shall be having lots of fun putting together our show!


6 thoughts on “First Shoes, Lists and the end of Preschool #LittleLoves #31

  1. coffeeworksleep says:

    Well done LB on all those races, and how cute is that medal?! Love it.
    I cannot believe that P is old enough for shoes! Where on earth is time going? LB sounds like my girls with his big feet. My six year old is a size 1 and a half!! Crazy! xx


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