Eat Pray Love, HiYa Daddy and Climbing Trees #LittleLoves #30

Hi Everyone and Happy Friday! Another Weekend has finally made its way around to us, though If I’m honest these last few weeks seem to have flown by and we are fast approaching those longed for, yet slightly dreaded Summer Holidays.
Days with Family and friends, enjoying free time to do whatever you want for fun, no rushing around to get to preschool or evenings out at work, just time for us! However this also means no mummy time to get work done or sit quietly with a coffee and a book, as both kids are now home and as crazy as ever!



You won’t believe it but i picked up a book and I’m almost half way through it-since Sunday – Shock Horror!! If you read my little loves posts regularly you will know that I have lost my reading mojo recently and although I have a pile TBR I have not picked anything up and stuck to it in a long time.  Well on Sunday while staring at my collection trying to find something to do while feeling a little anxious about the week, I spotted Eat Pray Love by Elizabeth Gilbert.  Now this is a book I read years and years ago and remember enjoying so thought why not get some easy yet motivational/inspirational reading in. I didn’t have high hopes after my current track record but I whizzed through it (halfway already) and have read most nights this week.  Yippee! Hopefully this will have kick started my love for reading again.
I do hope so!


My 9 month old say Hiya Daddy! I know it sounds mental but on Sunday morning while we were all lying in bed playing, B was saying to P Hiya Daddy over and over again and all of a sudden P mimicked it.  He did it about 3-4 times and we were laughing our heads off and he was clapping his hands, giggling.  Obviously its has not happened again since, no matter how hard B has tried daily and I have no doubt that it was a complete and utter fluke and he isn’t about to start stringing full sentences together but it made our day!



Nothing!! Now this is a bit of a shock as I usually have loads to put here. I have got behind on some of my weekly watching – Quantico and Agents of Shield and have a few seasons of Poldark to catch up on as I enjoyed the first, but I haven’t got there yet.  The sun has been shining and apart form the last couple of nights, the evenings have been warm me and B have been sitting outside in the garden chatting, reading and drinking Gin.  Yes I’m finally on the band wagon, I used to hate it-now love it!


I also watched LB enjoy the new Park with his grandparents on Saturday.  He loves that its all a bit harder so each thing is a bit more of a challenge, as he has started to get a bit bored with the little stuff now.  He climbed a tree-much higher than i anticipated and his brother watched on and I can see that he is so desperate to join in.  I can’t wait for him to be old enough to really get involved-though I am certainly not wishing any time away! He’s already growing so fast.



I’ve been trying to eat a little healthier.  I would by no means call it a diet but just trying to look at the foods I eat and not just live on Carbs.  Some days the motivation is just not there and yes there has been crisps, chocolate and alcohol but its better than nothing.  I’ve lost 5 lbs in 6 weeks so thats alright, slow and steady they say.  So at lunchtimes I’ve been trying to stay clear of the sandwiches and make myself a salad, omelette, quinoa or something different which i can pack with veggies.  Then I made one of B’s favourite Veggie recipes (he’s a big meat eater so this is saying something) BBQ Beans from Jamie Olivers Save With Jamie Book.  Sweet Potato, mixed beans, chilli, carrots, Passata, cheesy ciabatta croutons and it went down well with everyone (minus the chilli for the kids obviously)



Not A Lot-swim stuff all round.  Last weekend was very warm and it was perfect for our first weekend with no plans.  Its been a busy few months so was really lovely to just sit back and chill.  We ate BBQ’s and ice creams, put up the paddling pool though LB sat in a bucket of water half the time, even mummy donned her tankini and got in the paddling pool, we did outdoor yoga and played games.  It really was a relaxing weekend and just what we needed as we are about to hit another full on busy weekend (well for mummy anyway).


And Lastly

LB is about to go into his last week of preschool! I can’t quite believe it.
Today is his last Friday, then next week it’s Sports Day and their Leavers Party and little Graduation Ceremony all finishing up on Thursday so this time next week It’ll be officially Summer Holidays.  Just in time for My summer school for 2 weeks.  He has spent a couple of days this week going into big school and has absolutely loved it.  He has asked me every morning since, am i going to big school today? I am so excited! Is it the summer holidays yet? He really is so excited and that makes me so happy, but if he asks me that daily it is going to be one very long summer break! This week I picked up his Preschool photos which are just damn gorgeous (biased I know) and a tea towel that all the kids had drawn pictures of themselves and written their names on (anyone else remember doing that as a kid?).  I’ve got end of year forms to fill out, gifts to sort, uniform to order from his new school before they close for the summer and general life admin to get on top with, but there is a light at the end of the tunnel-please tell me kids sleep in past 6am in the holidays-I wish!!


I hope you all have a lovely week and have some fun plans for the weekend!
Here’s to the last bit of school for most of us-We are nearly there!



4 thoughts on “Eat Pray Love, HiYa Daddy and Climbing Trees #LittleLoves #30

  1. coffeeworksleep says:

    What a gorgeous littleloves round up!
    How cute that your tiny boy can say ‘hiya daddy’! When they find their voice it’s just so precious isn’t it? I remember N constantly trying to get her sister to repeat after her.
    Have a lovely week xx


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