Days Out, Daddy Time & Deep Breaths #LittleLoves #29

Happy Friday Everyone! I hope you’ve had a fabulous week?!
Its been another busy one here with a packed weekend full of Family and Friends,
a week of trying to get last minute work bits sorted before the summer holidays (summer school prep, show planning and the bane of my life timetabling),
not that I break completely for the summer but a reduced workload is always happily accepted.  I’ve also been madly making lists of things such as summer holiday plans, friends i must catch up with, preschool teacher present ideas, school uniform LB will need and things I’d like to sort around the house as well as my daily growing to do list!

A few times this week I’ve just taken myself out into my garden to breathe.  Sometimes I let things get on top of me-I’m easily overwhelmed and instead of just cracking on i tend to collapse for a little bit, so I’ve been taking the care to stop once in a while and just sit.  Also last thing before bed instead of my usual Instagram flick I have lit an incense stick and just laid on my back focus on my breathing
-i must admit to having woken up with a lot more energy than normal each day-though i can’t promise it lasts.


Anyway enough jabbering on and lets get on with this weeks Little Loves.

Ok I charged up my kindle-thats progress really I must admit.
I’m going to attempt to get back into Girl On A Train-it hasn’t really taken me about 6 months to reach the half way point honestly.

I also purchased the new RED Magazine-its always been a fave for the career and life sections more than anything, but KA has got me checking out the fashion pages a bit more as she’s been putting beautiful things from there on her Insta Stories recently.


While clearing up the house this week I’ve put the LaLaLand soundtrack on.
I still haven’t seen the film-it’s on one of those lists i was talking about above and haven’t been listening to much music at all recently so it was nice to step completely out of my normal and have that on in the background.


I love catching Daddy and son time! B hates having his photo taken so a candid shot means you get the natural look (imagine Chandler from Friends and you get the faces that normally happen-lol).

img_1986P has had a massive leap this last week or so and has realised he can climb up on everything and clap his hands.  It is wonderful to get a round of applause for everything i do but now i have to have eyes everywhere as once he’s got his eyes set on something he will get it-he’s a rather stubborn monkey!



Spaghetti Bolognese, Gammon, Sweet Potato Fries and Broccoli and then last night chicken stirfry.  The wonderful thing with cooking now is P has started to join us and instead of buying pouches I’ve been blending up our food or giving it to him whole. The amount of cleaning now required after dinner has quadrupled.


The sun has come out again and Parker has been wearing his little Next Rompers these are just so cute and there are quite a few others I am coveting.  So easy for him to et around in. And I’ve even pulled out a dress.  Ok a Maxi one but a dress none the less-I got so many compliments at preschool I obviously look a right mess most days-lol!


And Lastly

This week we’ve had some lovely days out.  Last Friday we had a family day as my cousin returned from Australia after 20 months.  It was wonderful to catch up with her properly-we have been face timing while she was away but to see her face to face and give her a big hug was fab! Saturday we went to my niece and nephews football club fundraiser where LB was shocked to see this storm trooper moving and talking to him-poor guy who had to dress up in that for the day.  Sunday we headed over to my sister in laws for a friends birthday BBQ.  Plenty of Pimms, Prosecco and giggles enjoyed there and then on Wednesday after preschool we headed down to a new local park and some of Beaus friends had the same idea, so it was wonderful to see them all playing so nicely together.  It made me a little emotional that they will all be separated in a few weeks as summer starts and their school lives start at a variety of schools in September.



10 thoughts on “Days Out, Daddy Time & Deep Breaths #LittleLoves #29

  1. coffeeworksleep says:

    Oh I love the La La Land soundtrack, you really must watch the film when you get a chance.
    Taking time to breathe is just so important isn’t it? We put so much pressure on ourselves and add to that the external pressures and it can all get too much. Finding the right way of ‘breathing’ is key, whether that’s sitting still for 5 minutes or walking in the garden. It makes such a difference.
    Hope you’re having a good week xx


    • gemslittletreasures says:

      I really must! Fingers crossed over the next few weeks I can curl up on the sofa and find it. Yes finding the right way-that’s the challenge. The way that gives you the most calm and most energy! Still working on that. Hope you’re feeling a bit better now xx


  2. Erin says:

    Those meals look tasty! And those flowers look so beautiful – it really is so important to step away sometimes and just breathe. I know I don’t do it often enough. I hope you have a lovely weekend. #littleloves


    • gemslittletreasures says:

      Thank you! We love to cook but do end up in a rut sometimes nice to think differently sometimes! It’s is important to take that step back sometimes and I don’t think any of us appreciate how often we should! Lovely weekend thanks hope you are too xx


  3. Emma says:

    Ahhh, La La Land! I really wish I saw it a second (and third!) time in the cinema. I’ve been meaning to find a few spare pennies to get it on bluray but I’ll have to settle for playing the soundtrack on repeat.


  4. Jenny Ripatti-Taylor (@letstalkmommy) says:

    So many gorgeous baba snaps you are making me so broody here I love it. I am the same. I get overwhelmed ALOT and frustrated and than feel guilty for snapping at the family kids or hubby. Half the time it’s pressure I put on myself as I take on too much or try to fit WAY too much into one day. I need to lay on the floor and breathe more I think I wouldn’t know how to lie there long. lol Hope you are having a great weekend. #littleloves


    • gemslittletreasures says:

      Haha I know he’s too cute hey?! Dame the worry hey – I’m really trying to let it go but it’s constantly trying to push it to one side and realise that you’re doing it to yourself that’s the hard bit! I’m he same I lay here for a few mins then I’m up again! Lovely weekend thanks hope you are too xx


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