#Meandmineproject (June)

I must admit to being slightly glad June is over!
Although fabulous in its own way It has not been very family friendly so unfortunately there have not been any fun adventures for us. We’ve just been juggling who’s got the kids, while the other one works or having to bring them along with me to rehearsals, exams and shows. Me and B have hardly seen each other as ive been teaching most evenings and all weekend and have been exhausted when I’ve got home. The house is a mess but we’ve just been counting down to a bit of time together which we might finally start to get
over July and August! As always are photos are last minute and to be honest in the early parts of July but they are still here so YEY US!


Mummy is loving

  • The love she has felt from her dance students/parents/graduates/ teachers re celebrating 10 years as principal
  • Caffeine-it’s been a necessity this month
  • Finding a bit of motivation and coming up with new ideas of how to build her business-not liking the anxiety that comes with it though. Being self employed can be scary
  • Coming up with some ideas for Summer Holiday plans
  • Watching LB become more independent and be so proud of himself every time he stands up

Daddy is loving

  • Sleep-how does he manage to sleep through these early morning screaming sessions
  • Work picking back up again-self employment can be tough
  • Spending days with LB. They’ve been out for pancakes, had their haircut, pottered in the garden, painted and more. One on one time thoroughly enjoyed.
  • Planning BBQ parties for the summer
  • Evenings sat outside reading his book and playing a new golf game on his phone

LB is loving

  • Smoothies (now just to hide some veg in there without him knowing)
  • Daddy and LB days while mummy works-Breakfast pancakes at Bills was a favourite
  • Day out with mummy and his bestie to Legoland
  • Big cuddles with mummy when she finally gets in from her long weekends at work
  • Pitta bread and dip dip (houmous and taramasalata) this boy is all about the food!

P is loving

  • 5.30am starts to the day-mummy’s not such a fan
  • Pulling himself up onto everything, oh and pulling out DVDs and the DVD player! You know generally being interested in everything he shouldn’t be.
  • Berries and bananas-oh the mess! We’ve started blending our meals now and he is loving being involved-mummy hasn’t the guts (I hate cleaning) to Pass over the spoon just yet though.
  • Smiling at everyone-I swear he even flirts with old ladies in the supermarket
  • His walkers-no steps just yet but not for lack of trying he is one determined little 8 month old


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