10 Years, Dutch Plaits & the Park #LittleLoves #27

Wow what a week!
The end of my crazy month of work.
Dance Festival – tick, exams – tick, 10 year celebration show – tick!
A weight lifted off my shoulders.  Well it was for about 1 day, before i realised that i now had to confirm new timetable, sort invoices, start prepping summer school, sort bits for LB’s end of term and starting school, sort all the costumes from the show, start thinking about our Christmas Show as well as our Panto Auditions
and WOWEEE Breathe!
Yeah so everything continued to be crazy-Ha does it ever stop?!

One of the best parts of the week was definitely Friday when my cousin returned for a whole month from Australia.  She has been gone for 20 months and we have only seen and spoken to her via FaceTime and Facebook so seeing her face to face and witnessing the first time she met P was just wonderful.  She’s back for the whole of July, so hopefully i’ll be seeing plenty of her and then she’s back to Oz,
though hopefully she’s back properly by Christmas.

Anyway on to the other bits of the week that made me smile
and there were plenty of them!


At the end of my 10 year celebration show on Sunday I was given a book of memories.  Photos and notes written by students past and present, teachers, parents and wow did it make me cry.  Words of ‘you’re the best teacher’ from the younger ones, to ‘thank you for being a great boss and mentor’ from teachers and how i have inspired my senior students and graduates and how much they have appreciated my support.  I tell you what if i ever feel down on myself or wonder why i do it all i have something to look at.  The photos are simply wonderful they are hysterical, beautiful, hideous and just so great to look back on all the things we have achieved over the last 10 years.


Oh my goodness the harmonies!
At my 10 year show on Sunday my graduates returned and sang some beautiful songs for us and oh the emotions.  There were certainly tears. So proud!
This little snippet was me creeping up on them as they rehearsed (I had it on our Insta stories for the day-they need to be longer than 15 secs) and i had tears streaming down my cheeks as it meant so much that they had come back to celebrate with me.


I finished Once Upon a Time-the whole 6 seasons in the space of a few months
and i feel a little lost.  There’s a few other bits i need to catch up on now (Quantico, Agents of SHIELD and a series and a bit of Poldark) but i am really quite gutted that it’s over and that so much is going to change for Season 7, which is coming up by the end of the year apparently.

Also watched as LB had his first dentist appointment.
He was gutted when it was cancelled as the dentist was ill a few weeks back but he was glad to hear he’d been brushing well and to receive a spiderman sticker.
I was not so happy that the appointment lasted less than 2 minutes and i’d struggled with the carseat up a flight of stairs just to have to go straight back down again and of course my flip flop broke on the way down.



This week has just been about grab the easiest and quickest meal  possible because I am just too tired.  However I did make something called Hunters Chicken from the Slimming World Magazine I bought the other day and it went down a treat with everyone and it was packed with veggies. LB even ate a mushroom-he did ask ‘is there any mushrooms in this’ as one headed straight for his mouth and me and B both said oh no and in it went he didn’t even notice! HAHA!


Dutch Plaits have come out a couple of times this weeks-if only i could do them myself.  I can do french plaits on people but dutch plaits confuse the hell out of me.  For the show everyone had two and one of the mums did them on me too and its great as they still looked good the next day.  Then today my sister wanted to practise so i’ve got some in again and they always look multi coloured due to different hair dye patches but so cool. Weekend hair sorted!


And Lastly

Where has the sun gone? Luckily it’s still reasonably warm but there have been a few days where jeans and jumpers have come back out rather than shorts and t-shirts. We headed to the Park on Thursday as it’s LB’s day off Preschool and the boys come with me while i teach a Legs Bums and Tums class 9-10am, so i always like to do something for them straight after, as they are usually so well behaved.
Its really lovely to get P involved now.  He loves the swing and he goes down the slide with LB and giggles.  The only issue is he is into everything now and i get a little worried just letting him crawl around as i don’t know what he’s going to find on the floor. LB never wants to leave the park especially this one near the grandparents as it has a curly slide like a heater skelter and some fab climbing wall bits for him which challenge him just enough.

I hope you have all had a fabulous week
and have some wonderful things planned for the weekend ahead.
We actually have a lovely weekend ahead that doesn’t involve work (well only a students tap exam and that’ll only take an hour and then back to the fun). Saturday is family day watching my niece and nephew in a football tournament and enjoying their fete before heading off for the tap exam, then a chilled evening with the hubby. Sunday we are heading over to B’s sisters who we haven’t seen in a while for an afternoon of food, drink and giggles and I can’t wait!


2 thoughts on “10 Years, Dutch Plaits & the Park #LittleLoves #27

  1. coffeeworksleep says:

    What a week indeed!! So pleased the festival, exams and celebrations all went well. I bet they were stressful but so much fun.
    I’d be the same with the Dutch plaits, I love the look of them but really have no clue how to do them. My eldest need two french plaits for her dance show on Sunday and I’ve only just mastered them! haha xx


    • gemslittletreasures says:

      Thank you! Yes stressful but fun-All worth it in the end. Hey completely flummox me and with having boys not really the opportunity to practise. Hope the dance show goes well and the plaits are a success 😆 x


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