Paella, Big School & 10Yr Celebrations #LittleLoves #25

It’s Friday Again my lovelies and another busy week has flown by over here.
There has been beautiful sunshine at last, there have been busy evenings and weekends spent at work, a meeting at LB’s new school and fun times such as picnics and running through sprinklers-oh the giggles!  
New milestones hit with P deciding its time to start pulling himself up to standing and being super clingy with mummy, so while she works he screams at anyone who has him, including 4 hours at poor daddy.


B has been working hard in the garden still and getting it all ready for what I can only hope is a summer full of paddling pool fun, garden picnics and BBQ’s.


Anyway on to this weeks Little Loves-Paella, Big School and 10 year celebrations –
so grab a coffee or a glass of something scrummy and have a little read!


School Paperwork-Gulp!
On Wednesday me and B went to LB’s new school for a welcome meeting.
I’ve never read and signed so many forms in such a small amount of time,
while trying to listen to what they were telling us about the
routine, curriculum, uniform, dates, PTA etc.
It certainly made it feel more real and they sent home photos of each teacher and different areas of the school e.g.. classroom, cloakroom, dining room, main hall etc so that we could talk it all through with LB.
He is now even more excited than he was before and I honestly think he’ll thrive.

B couldn’t believe how different school was nowadays, he is 40 and grew up in London so slightly different to our little village school anyway, but he felt a bit like they were asking us to sign away that our child would be immaculate and perfectly behaved always (Yikes-no pressure there) and that they now ‘belonged’ to them.  To be honest I think he’s finding it hard thinking about our little boy growing up and him not being able to protect him,  but I know how he feels in the fact that I keep feeling like as soon as he starts in September we are going to lose another piece of him as he will have even more influencers.  I know school will be a wonderful experience for him and he’s going to grow and develop into what i can only hope will be a lovely happy young boy but it scares me a little and I am pretty sure I am not alone.  Ok enough rambling there! Sorry about that!


With Preparations for my show next weekend I have been thinking through routines, vocals etc that we have performed before.  This Song Hallelujah is one we’ve done numerous times, even recording it once.  I love this version by Pentatonix.  I just think they are so clever and their music is beautiful.


I am approaching the end of Season 6 of Once Upon A Time and therefore the last one available until the autumn.  I am sure will be looking for a new Box Set to get gripped on over the summer, though I will have to spread out the watching slightly to be able to fit in any reading or work as they have gone out of the window during the evenings for the last month/6 weeks.  Any recommendations?


Its all been a bit crazy recently so dinner has just been what ever has been the quickest or easiest to get on the table.  We did enjoy a lovely Jamie Oliver Paella though.  Paella is one of my favourite meals but one I forget to cook for some reason.  I remember being made a huge paella for my 21st birthday by the chefs where I worked in Tenerife. Yum!



One of my good friends has been on slimming World and lost 3 stone (so proud of her) and she’s still going.  She’s chucking out all her big clothes so she’s not ever tempted to go back there again, so I’ve become her charity shop.  Some things don’t suit me/don’t fit me so will be heading to the actual charity shop but otherwise I am gaining a new wardrobe without spending a penny-Perfect! Ive lost a few pounds too and know i need to start something to lose my 3+ stone of excess weight i am carrying, but I am just not in the right mindset as yet for some reason.
I’m loving these trousers especially-in fact I’ve been eying them up since she brought them.  There’s now a pair of beautiful embroidered jeans I’m looking forward to her growing out of-Haha! img_1348

And Lastly

Last Sunday I celebrated running my dance school for 10years.  I have no idea where that time has gone.  I was only 23 when I started the process of buying Stage Plus and 24 when I officially became a business owner.  Blood, Sweat and Tears have gone into running the school.  There have been days of pure joy and others where I have wondered what the hell I am doing and seriously contemplated giving it all up.  It’s hard work, for little financial gain (maybe one day this will change), though there are plenty of other rewards.  Next Sunday I am putting on a show with routines that have been performed over the last 10 years, bringing back graduate students who are now off working in the industry, as well as those who always did it for fun but are part of our ‘Family’ always, and I honestly can’t wait to see them all.  It will be an unbelievable reminder of why I do it and I can feel the pride mounting up already. Though my stress levels between now and then are bound to soar.


Have a wonderful weekend guys and I hope you all get the chance to enjoy your Fathers Day (I have my first day off this month on sunday so we can enjoy spoiling Daddy with a lie in, Coffee and breakfast in bed and then I’m taking the kids to the park for a picnic so he can get some peace and quiet, as he’s been working such long hours, as well as looking after kids in the evening so that I can work extra hours).


8 thoughts on “Paella, Big School & 10Yr Celebrations #LittleLoves #25

  1. coffeeworksleep says:

    Congratulations on 10 years! Such a fantastic achievement Gemma, you should be super proud of yourself.
    Love the look of that paella, I don’t know why but I never think to make it myself, I really must change that!
    Oh gosh, I remember the first school meetings, so overwhelming! I still can’t quite believe that both of mine are at school now.
    Have a lovely week xx


  2. mumreinvented says:

    Congratulations on 10 years of your dance school, that’s an amazing achievement and you’re still only in your 30s! Your show sounds like it’s going to be brilliant and what a great way to celebrate everything you’ve achieved. Your garden looks lovely. Our new place has now grass which I’m kind of disappointed at, (it’s a ‘low maintenance’ gravel/rockery type thing in one but and paved on the other bit) but at least it’s one less thing for us to contend with. I’m hoping I’ll be able to squeeze a trampoline or a paddling pool onto the patio though. I do love a paella, nothing like a proper Spanish one – one of the many things I miss about living in Spain. Hope you’re having a good weekend x


    • gemslittletreasures says:

      Thank you Hun!! The stress levels are certainly peaking but this time next week it’ll all be done and I’ll be enjoying a nice glass of something and crashing-but it’ll all be worth it! Saves on the mowing at least hope you find a nice trampoline spot. I love the Spanish culture and there’s so much I miss about the lifestyle-siesta anyone?! Lovely weekend thank you-busy busy but lovely x


  3. Jenny @ Let's Talk Mommy says:

    Oh the garden looks ready for all this sunshine coming to it. sadly we have started renovations on the nicest week so no bouncy castle, paddling pool or outdoor play for us off to the park a lot this week I think hahaha Enjoy it all for me. lol Bet when my garden finishes it will rain all summer EEEK Happy weekend ahead in the sunshine. #littleloves


    • gemslittletreasures says:

      I saw Jenny it looks very exciting! Ours was so overgrown when we moved in and its so lovely to see space and colour! I can’t wait for BBQs with family and friends and getting the paddling pool out. Oh don’t say that-no rain allowed! Enjoy your weekend lovely xx


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