#TheSiblingProject (May)

I have been pretty awful at this link up
(even though it’s one I’d love to keep up-what great way to see the relationship
of my boys and how they are both growing.
I missed April completely and even February and March were stuck into one post.  I’ve said in a few of my recent posts that I’ve lost my blogging mojo a bit (I’m pretty sure its down to being addicted to Netflix currently, but sometimes you just need to down tool and get some switch off time).Anyway its almost time for me to do June’s but I’m hanging in there
and writing May’s super quickly!

My boys are both growing so quickly and little changes are happening constantly.
P is on the move, army crawling dragging his legs behind him and desperately trying to climb over everything.  He’s certainly found his voice recently too and squeals with excitement and when he wants your attention (which is always).

LB is loving the idea of going to big school.  He has started to take an interest in maths and writing books we got him at the beginning of the year.  He is becoming even more imaginative and the stories he comes up with while plying are wonderful to overhear.


They play really nicely together with P’s toys, LB is less giving when it comes to his own and will take them away from P worried he’s going to break them.
LB is protective over P and will stop him doing things he think will hurt him.
He wants feed him, to involve him, he still wants to hold him and give cuddles and climbs into his cot in the mornings to keep him company.
It melts my heart!


Too late for the Linky but I am now going to try my hardest to keep up!

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