#TheSiblingProject (June)

Goodbye June and my next the Siblings Project post is late as always
(having only written Mays a few weeks back) oops! 

Things have been a bit crazy for me work wise this month and therefore the boys have had to go with the flow,  which has involved lots of time apart- with P coming to work with me and B staying with Daddy or Nanny & Grandad! It seems I’m the only one who can currently cope with both of them easily enough-lol!
However the saying ‘distance makes your heart grow fonder’ is certainly true for these two. They really miss each other when they are apart and their reunions are just too cute! img_0825-1img_0837img_0913

They hold hands and giggle in the back of the car

P army crawls his way over to LB all the time and the way he looks up at him is just beautiful.

LB is so excited to see P pulling himself up and is like his little cheerleader.

LB will find a dummy, muzzy, toy, more food – whatever P needs and he wants to help always

LB sits next to P and keeps him company when I’m busy at work and always tries his best to stop him crying

Bathtime is a splashing time with plenty of water making its way out of the bath but endless giggles make it worthwhile


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