#MeandMineProject (May) 

Another Month passed and after missing March and April I was determined to get back into writing this post.  I seriously can’t believe how hard it is to get 4 people who live in the same house into a photo.  I always leave it to the last minute and then with poorly boys and late nights at work the last few months, days have been fast turning into weeks and then it’s been too late.

Anyway I’m back and am going to be trying very hard to keep this post going throughout the rest of 2017.


Daddy is Loving

  • Playing Golf with friends
  • Starting to clear up the garden ready for Summer
  • Spending more time with the boys while Mummy is at work
    (he’s getting the hang of this 2 kid thing)
  • BBQ’s
  • Losing weight and feeling more energetic

Mummy is Loving

  • Binge watching Once Upon A Time
  • Naptime and Preschool time – the boys are exhausting at the minute so the chance to get some me time, sit with a coffee, get some work done, read some blogs, enjoy some silence, has been lovely
  • How pretty the garden is looking-new flowers planted and hearing plans from the hubby, I am excited for the summer
  • Eating dinner outside as a family
  • Starting show dances and being back at teaching

LB is Loving

  • Collecting Paw Patrol Stickers
  • Learning about different countries through the Bear YoYo Spy Kit and some maps that Nanny found for him
  • Playing with P’s toys and making P giggle
  • Making homemade Pizza
  • Getting outside and being able to wear shorts
    (not happy when it started raining again though)

P is Loving

  • Attention from anyone and everyone
  • Being tickled (that giggle makes me smile daily)
  • Bananas and cream cheese sandwiches
  • Being on the move and exploring every nook and cranny
  • Waking up at 5.30am/6am with a huge smile on his face


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