Our Garden, Dance and the Election #LittleLoves #24

This week has flown by with returning to routine for the last half term before the summer holidays-woohoo!! I am so excited for the break (and the fact that so many things will be ticked off the list by then), however also rather nervous as this is my last 3 months before LB starts school and routine will well and truly take over our lives.  As I’ve said before he seems really ready for it but I am even nervous about going to the parents meeting at school next week as that will just make it all real.

My boys just seem to be growing up so fast at the minute.  LB is looking older and becoming fascinated by writing and maths books (which until now he wouldn’t have even picked up a pen) and P is desperately trying to become more mobile and independent.  They are absolutely hysterical together and it really is fab seeing them play together now.



I’ve carried a few books around with me, even stuck a bookmark in them but alas that has not made me pick them up and read anything.
I have read comments from our first weekend of dance festival (only another 3 to go) and its lovely to see some texts from some very proud students and parents because of everything they achieved (a few medals went home this weekend).
Nice to see my hard work paying off.



All about the election! It seems to have been the thing on everyones lips this week and especially this morning with the hung Parliament.  I voted for Labour and am pretty damn impressed at their comeback.  I know its not for everyone but for my family that was definitely the way forward-I’m slightly stunned that Theresa May is refusing to resign however after such a slap in the face.



Ok I am now on Season 6 of ‘Once Upon A Time’.
This is the last available season (sob) and after reading some spoilers about the newly promised Season 7 I am not happy there will be such a big change, though the probably won’t stop me watching when it comes out at the end of the year. I’ve been watching at least an episode (or 4) a night for the last month and considering each season has 22/23 episodes i think i am on a roll. I’ve never watched anything so quickly.  Ok maybe season 2 of Gotham.


Hubby is really pulling our garden together now.
Each Summer he does a little extra and its really made a difference.
So far this year, he’s decked part of the patio area and cleaned up all the rubbish (and there was a lot of it), put up a new shed, planted new flowers, tomatoes and strawberries as well as weeded and mowed the lawn.
I can’t wait for warm evenings reading my book out there now.



No photos as yet but my friend has lost a load of weight (so far 3 stone) and is throwing out all her old clothes so she doesn’t go back up to them.  I am now gaining anything she was sending to the charity shop.  I haven’t tried it all on yet but i am rather excited about a little wardrobe revamp without spending a penny.

And Lastly 

The sunshine has certainly perked me up as well as some organisations round the house.  Productivity and being on top of things always makes me feel so much more positive.  Though I am slightly worried that with everything going on in June I may sink a little.  My little garden is producing so many gorgeous colours now and its wonderful to have little place of calm to sit back and relax and try and take everything as it comes.





2 thoughts on “Our Garden, Dance and the Election #LittleLoves #24

  1. lifeasourlittlefamily says:

    I hope the shows are going well. I won’t lie as soon as school begins its like they grow up so much quicker, with each term passing I find another milestone is hit. I hope you’ve had a good week lovely and thanks for joining in with #littleloves x


    • gemslittletreasures says:

      Its all pretty crazy right now and I am exhausted but it’ll hopefully all be worth it when the show is going on next sunday and festivals and ballet exams are done-i will need a big glass of something then! I had a horrible feeling you’d say that. Its exciting but daunting and some days i can’t quite believe how much he’s grown and its just going to happen faster. Have a lovely weekend x


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