#LivingArrows 23/52 (2017)

Happy Monday and what a lovely start to the week-rain!!
Bleurgh come on sunshine where have you disappeared too? 

My Living Arrows photos for this week were quite easy to choose as they both make me think of the stage they are going through right now-this one of P just cracks me up. He’s starting to really show his character. He’s a huge attention seeker and show off and is mainly smiling and giggling unless you need to remove your attention to do something else-oh and then you’ll know about it!
Weaning is coming along well and he especially loves a cream cheese sandwich. 

LB Loves asking for a photo and posing for it!
Do you think maybe I take too many-ha never!
He’s becoming more independent, is looking more grown up with his new haircut and it’s scary that we are now just 3 months away from this little boy starting big school. Every time I look at him I can’t believe how grown up he looks.


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