#MySundayPhoto Dance

This photo makes me smile!

It makes me think of something I have dedicated my life to. Something I have worked so hard for throughout my whole life.

As a child striving to be better every week at a certain step or routine, as a teenager pushing myself harder and harder to get into dance college. As a young adult as I grew as an individual and performer at college and then dancing abroad. Then finally as an adult where I have pushed all my limits as I run a dance studio. My dream!

A dream that can sometimes feel like a love hate relationship, as it takes so much time and energy yet it’s something I love so much!

This is one of my students who performed at a dance festival yesterday! Someone I have tried hard to pass on my love and passion for dance to, building her technique, style and confidence on a weekly basis and yesterday so many of my dancers shone!

They went home with medals in their hands, smiles on the faces and pride in their hearts! And do did I.


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