Squid, Sunshine & a Haircut #LittleLoves #21

Happy Friday Everybody and what a hell of a week!
Its been hard for everyone to see the positive this week i think, with the news of Monday Nights attack in Manchester on every radio and TV News channel, reminding us of the hell people have been through.  Now hearing the names of those who lost their lives and thinking what is going on with this world,  though at the same time hearing how everyone has pulled together and are trying to stay strong.

As Always this blog post is a godsend at the end of the week to look at all the good, to celebrate, to smile, to appreciate and thats so important especially in times like this.

This weeks Little Loves are Squid, Sunshine and a Haircut.


Book Wise – Nada! With a Netflix addiction it has been hard to fill anything in here but i have tried to catch up with a friends blog mummyandsqueak and some of the little loves posts from last week-though i must admit to seriously flagging.
Apologies wonderful fellow bloggers.


Non stop chatting from LB (wow he can talk-a lot), a new banshee type scream from P that I’m not sure i can process properly and the best bit ………the C section date for my best friend-its next week and I can’t bloody wait.  I went and saw her this week- man is it good to drive.  Me and another friend took our kids (well minus LB he was at preschool) over to hers to prepare her (and her dogs) for what’s about to happen and went out for a lovely lunch.  It was so good to catch up and seems crazy as we’ve been friends since birth that our friendship is about to hit a whole other level –
both of us with kids.


I am now half way through season 4 of Once Upon a Time! I think I need to just finish it now as I’m getting absolutely nothing done, no blogging/ reading/ cleaning/ work……nothing!  I’m watching at least 2 a night usually more like 4 or 5.

I also watched a beautiful sunset driving home from work on Tuesday night-well I was obviously concentrating on the road and pulled over to take this photo but wow!



Ok Ok I can’t take credit for this one! Hubby made me a late night snack while I was binge watching Once Upon A Time one night.  I had no idea it was going to be so damn wonderful.  Spicy Salsa and Squid-unbelievable! He then said a few nights later do you fancy making the snack tonight and there was no way i was going to follow this.  He then made something else spectacular with halloumi, antipasti, sun-dried tomato and pesto (the photo i took doesn’t do it justice though).


I did make however the Sri Lankan Vegetable Curry with Fish from Fearne’s Cookbook as a new recipe this week though, rather scrummy!


We also made a toast to our Friends who got married on Wednesday in Barbados.  We were absolutely gutted we couldn’t make it but eagerly awaited photos and as they said their vows we celebrated at home.



Very little (for the boys that is) as the suns has been shining and the paddling pool has been out.  I must admit I’m not comfortable with my body again as yet and haven’t been for a long while (though I enjoy food and a tipple too much to crack on with the diet just yet) so I cover up a lot, though I must admit a pair of shorts has come out for the garden only this week. I painted my toenails though so i could get the flip flops out.  Its going to rain in a few days though apparently which I am not impressed about.


And Lastly

LB had his hair cut short yesterday-she even used clippers.  This is something I have been avoiding like the plague for years.  I knew shorter hair would make him look more grown up and I just loved how his longer hair made him seem more like my baby-I know I know I’m going to have to let go more as he goes to school in September.  He’s been getting so hot and sweaty with it longer though and Daddy as well as numerous other members of the family have been begging me to cut it shorter.  It does suit him but it seems to have aged him by about 5 years (and that was mentioned to me by one of his preschool teachers).



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