#MySundayPhoto Our Boys

Every day I look at these two and am amazed that I am a mother,
a mother of two boys, who are both sweet, cheeky, loving and a complete pain in the arse rolled into these gorgeous bundles! I’ve been a bit awol from blogging recently!
Days seems to fly past and although I think about writing a post it never seems to materialise. I’ve been focussing on other bits and pieces including thinking a lot about how much these two are developing and how our life’s are changing as they grow.  In just a few short months our big boy will be heading off to big school and thats quite a lot to process.


6 thoughts on “#MySundayPhoto Our Boys

  1. Memeandharri says:

    This just popped up in my inbox and I though I would pop over. Look at your lovely boys, honestly it doesn’t seem long ago that I was reading your pregnancy announcement!! Gorgeous picture #mysundayphoto


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