Freedom, Elephants with Sprinkles and BBQ’s #LittleLoves #20

This week has been a good week.
It may have rained every day, my to do list may have grown rather than shrunk
but I regained my independence, saw friends and family
and they put snapchat filters on Instagram.

This weeks little loves are Freedom, Elephants with Sprinkles and BBQ’s


A friend has passed on a couple of books – The Room and Gone Girl for me to read, but I’ve been struggling with books recently.
Instead I’ve been watching Netflix and thinking too much.
I’ve been trying to use my Bullet Journal more and get a show planned too,
so lots of reading of lists and plans in my notebooks.


LB being super cute.
He’s been singing a song from preschool a lot recently, one I haven’t heard before.  This week he showed me the actions and asked me to try and find
‘Elephants with Sprinkles’ so he could sing a long.  Well when I searched i found Elephants have Wrinkles and he was over the moon.  I was cracking up, huge grin on my face thinking i need to remember moments like that (and the fact he calls conkers, plonkers) as these are the moments I realise how innocent my little boy is and the wonder of childhood.


I am now on Season 3 of ‘Once Upon a Time’.
Ive watched almost 50 episodes in just two weeks and I can definitely say I have a problem and I don’t really care.  The laptop is even coming to bed with me.


Toad in the hole with mushrooms that although tasted good stuck a little too much to the dish and a few BBQ’s.  I made a beetroot, pear and feta salad to go with the BBQ chicken and pork belly and it was gorgeous. Homemade potato and sweet potato wedges also went down well all round.


We seem to have lost all of LB’s old clothes from 6months up to 2 years.  We have no idea where they have disappeared too and its such a shame, not only because we can’t really afford to replace everything but because there was some really lovely outfits that i was looking forward to putting P in.  At 7.5 months we have been squeezing P into his 3-6 months clothes still and a few outfits that he got when he was born or that I’ve picked up in Primark.  My mum brought him this super cute shirt vest for Christmas-i can’t believe how grown up he looks in it.

And Lastly

This week I got my driving licence back after a 6 month ban for points totting up.  I’ve never been caught for over 35mph but got too many in 3 years and therefore lost my licence.  Its been a terrible, hard 6 months over the cold winter and with a new baby.  I’ve felt lonely, emotional, like i’ve lost all freedom and independence and hugely embarrassed by it all. On Wednesday I got back behind the wheel and I felt a weight lifted, a huge relief, an excitement from myself and LB as he now knows we don’t have to stay at home all the time. I am so pleased I don’t have to rely on others so much and can look after myself again.  I can’t wait to go to the supermarket, see friends, take LB to different Parks and get myself to and from work without the help of trains and taxis.


12 thoughts on “Freedom, Elephants with Sprinkles and BBQ’s #LittleLoves #20

  1. Emily and Indiana says:

    Mmm that BBQ food look so good! I’m hoping it stays sunny enough for us to have one this weekend. Yay to having your license back too. I don’t drive but really wish I did over the winter haha xx


  2. An Organised Mess says:

    So glad you’re getting plans in place- I do love to feel on top of things, no matter how long the to-do list becomes. Good news about your car- it certainly forces you to appreciate things and see things differently. I went a few months without a car and still tend to walk or take the train when previously I would have just got in the car. I hope you find your beat again. #LittleLoves


    • gemslittletreasures says:

      Thanks Hun, Yes I plan on walking to preschool a lot more (although not sure he’ll allow it in the mornings) but at the end of the day in the sunshine yes please. Yes its always good to get it all written down and helps to make me feel a little more on top of it even if thats just an illusion x


  3. angiemwebster77 says:

    I love the way kids have their own versions of words. I think elephant with sprinkles sounds so much better. Good news about your licence. #LittleLoves


  4. coffeeworksleep says:

    Oh bless you with your license situation. I’m so pleased for you that you’re back behind the wheel. We couldn’t afford to run my car one summer when the girls were tiny and it was a nightmare, I felt so isolated with a baby and pre-schooler. It feels so good to have that freedom and independence back. Enjoy! xxxx


    • gemslittletreasures says:

      It’s been a tough one but it feels good to be back behind the wheel and enjoying some independence! Not sure how I’m going to afford it now I didn’t notice that munch of a difference financially – eek! thanks Hun x


  5. mumreinvented says:

    Elephants with sprinkles! Ha ha love it! Reminds me of my little one when he asks to listen to random songs on youtube he’s learned at school. Love P’s little shirt, how cute is he! Enjoy your car 😉 x


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