Once Upon A Time, Cupcakes & A Baby Shower #LittleLoves #19

Happy Friday you lovely lot!
Here we are again, another week has passed and I am sat writing this weeks Little Loves post after a day of clearing out all the toy drawers and wondering what I need to do to baby proof my house, as P is most certainly starting to move around a bit more. It may just be an army crawl and roll right now but I know it won’t be long! This milestone makes me a little nervous if I’m honest. Becoming mobile really is a sign that your baby really isn’t a ‘baby’anymore. The last 7 months have gone so quickly and before I know it P will be like LB and only a few months away from starting school. Time is so precious!

This weeks Little Loves are Once Upon A Time, Cupcakes & A Baby Shower


Too much TV watching to get much reading done I’m afraid, but I have just spent the whole of this evening searching for new car insurance and I must have read and written my own details about 500 times to find a good quote. Oh the joys of adult life.


I am well and truly into festival choreography season right now, with every weekend in June taken up with competition and a show.  There are too many new dances being created to keep track of! I have Music ranging from Frozen, Moana and Trolls to Bruno Mars, Ariana Grande and Passenger going around my head at the minute.


I am well and truly addicted to Once Upon A Time. I started it on Netflix last Friday and I’m now on Series 2 having watched nearly 30 episodes! I can’t believe I haven’t watched it before. I could be in for the long haul though as it has 6 series and about 130 episodes. 
I’ve been having rather late nights and I’ve realised I obviously have a little more time on my hands than I thought, though going to bed close to/past midnight is not great for my ability to function when P wakes through the night as he’s teething. 


Apart from the spectacularly iced Paw Patrol cupcakes you ask?
Well homemade pizza,  stir fry, a Quinoa bowl and a BBQ i guess. Getting back into my cooking which is nice as we are choosing a real variety of dinners rather than the old favourites all the time.


This weeks weather has been a right mix! Some days we have been wrapped up with jackets and contemplating woolly hats and the next LB is stripping off his top in the garden while we lay on rugs playing, I even had to put suncream on him!

And Lastly

On Saturday I went to my best friends baby shower, a friend I have known since birth and one of my bridesmaids. She is only a few weeks off having her first child and I am so excited for her and looking forward to sharing motherhood with her. I have made lots of new friends since becoming a mum, but out of my long term friends I am one of the only ones to be married with kids, so it’s nice to be able to know someone before and after children and watch how we all grow through this next season of our lives. Her sister made this amazing Peter Rabbit baby shower cake-beautiful and tasted amazing too! 


4 thoughts on “Once Upon A Time, Cupcakes & A Baby Shower #LittleLoves #19

  1. Mummy Hearts You says:

    I would watch once upon a time when it was on channel 5, I loved it but then it was dropped and I got so far behind with it! May have to give it a go on Netflix because it was a really good programme. Your homemade pizza looks amazing! and the Peter Rabbit cake is brilliant! Your friends sister is very talented!! Have a wonderful weekend xx


    • gemslittletreasures says:

      I’m completely addicted! Within a week I’m half way though Series 2. Kids go to bed and I just watch episodes back to back! Def seek it out. Homemade pizza is a regular of ours as LB loves to make it & a meal I know he’ll eat. She sure is-every cake gets better I wouldn’t even know where to start!have a great Sunday x

      Liked by 1 person

  2. coffeeworksleep says:

    Oh I love Once Upon A Time! It’s such an easy watch that I’m not surprised you’ve got through so many episodes already!
    I know what you mean about being the first of your friends to get married and have children, that was the same for me. It makes such a difference once more of you are i the same boat.
    Enjoy the weekend xx


    • gemslittletreasures says:

      I’ve just heard its been approved for a 7th season. I keep seeing little spoilers and am trying to a void as there are so many characters and at the minute i have no idea how it can keep going. It’s going to be lovely to be at the same point as others and not feeling a little left out when you’re changing nappies and they have a bit more freedom. Have a lovely weekend x


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