Climbing Trees, New Recipes & Positive Thinking #LittleLoves #18

Hello Friday, How are you all?

A 4 day week with LB being poorly on his long day of preschool
means I’ve been playing catch up with work and housework all week.
I have my best friends baby shower tomorrow and a few hours work on Sunday but it’s a pretty clear weekend which is nice as i’d really like some chill time after a busy few weekends.

This weeks Little Loves are Climbing Trees, New Recipes and Positive Thinking


I’ve tried to pick up my Positive Thinking Book but always at bedtime where i read a page and fall asleep-not so great.  I’m also nabbing a few books a friend of mine has finished reading, The Room and The Gone Girl,  hopefully they’ll get me going again as I’ve been finding it hard getting into a book recently.
My hubby however has been whizzing through them.
LB got a new book this week though, that reminded me of my own childhood. Funnybones – anyone else read that as a kid?!


I’ve been listening to some podcasts this week trying to boost my motivation and productivity – not so easy with poorly kids and a recent lack of mojo.  I’ve just come across a new one MWF Motivation and along with Marie Forleo have been pushing myself into positivity and getting stuff done in my business and around the house.


My weekly must watches of Quantico and Marvel Agents of Shield,
a few bits in the background (Rizzolli and Isles, Castle)
and the start and end of Moana, while at a friends house at the weekend.
Now I’m desperate to watch it properly.

Loved watching this one climb trees in Richmond Park on Sunday too. He loves to explore.


This week theres been a bit of unhealthy and healthy mixed together.
Homemade chips and eggy bread with sugar (for me anyway) and then some
Baby Led Weaning Courgette Fritters and a Fearne Cotton Quinoa Bowl Recipe
with chorizo and halloumi.
All of it went down well, except with LB who is in the current stage of refusing any food at dinnertime, especially anything that looks healthy.


P is in to his 6-9 month clothes (well he would be if we could find our box of them).  We seem to have lost all of B’s clothes from 6-9mths all the way up to 2years – I’m pretty sure i washed them all before P was born.  Am currently asking all family members if they have them stored as they aren’t in our loft or anywhere at ours!  There are a few bits though that people brought us when P was born, so he’s been wearing these lovely M&S Dungarees which he looks pretty damn cute in.


LB received some late Birthday presents from friends this week and they included some gorgeous Gruffalo Pyjamas.  On Bank Holiday Monday he spent the whole day in them playing his new game of Guess Who and chilling out.


And Lastly

P has got his first tooth – 5 days shy of 7 months and i feel a little top tooth while I’ve been keeping an eye on the bottom ones.  I can feel them below the gums but I was surprised by a first tooth at the top.  I just can’t quite believe we’ve hit those next millstones.  He’s no longer a newborn though still my baby – we are now weaning, sitting up (though not very securely), rolling over, dragging himself on his tummy and now teeth.


LB is so loving towards his little bro he even climbed into his cot today so he could play his mobile and lay with him.  He’s desperate for P to have a sleepover in his bed , but I’ve told him he’s got to wait until he’s older-it seems he’s taken another tact.img_0678

Its good to be back on cue this week, as I’ve slacked with the last few weeks of Little Loves (and other blogging) and look forward to catching up with all the other bloggers who link up.

Have a great weekend x


7 thoughts on “Climbing Trees, New Recipes & Positive Thinking #LittleLoves #18

  1. mumreinvented says:

    I loved Funnybones as a kid! Your two seem to have really shot up lately, little cuties. I’ll have to check out that podcast, I’m still getting into them. I tend to read #littleloves posts while listening to them these days, or I never seem to get the chance. Have a great weekend x


  2. Sonia says:

    Oh I need to make some eggy bread now! I used to love it when I was little, must introduce the kids to it tomorrow morning for breakfast. Love that tree climbing photo – he’s such a cutie x


  3. coffeeworksleep says:

    Those Gruffalo pajamas are just so cute and LB looks so pleased with them!
    Oh gosh all those yummy food pics have made me so hungry, I could eat all of that right now!
    Have a good weekend lovely xx


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