Easter Cake, Finding Dory & a Hen Do #LittleLoves #16 & #17

Wow am I slacking with my blogging at the minute or what?!
My LittleLoves Post always comes out on a Friday as the Linky starts,
yet here we are the following Friday writing (and not posting till Monday) this weeks and last weeks together and I haven’t written anything for over 2 weeks.

Last week was a busy one with the Easter Weekend,
our return to preschool and work and getting back into our routine.
To be honest it was welcomed after 3 weeks off, with the holidays and illness throughout our house and It was nice for me to get back to teaching, even if only for one night a week (I was exhausted and my body ached which felt awful and amazing at the same time).

This Weeks Little Loves are Easter Cake, Finding Dory and a fabulous Hen do


I am sucking at this one at the minute!
I haven’t picked up a book, magazine or even read a blog-sorry everyone!
I don’t know whats going on at the minute but I’ve been cramming in some work, I’ve had a few nights out and caught up with a few tv shows but mainly i’ve been falling asleep on the sofa (while sitting up and my fingers still on the laptop keyboard), obviously feeling exhausted. Plenty of draft blog posts being saved but not completed.


Some old school music i used to love as a teenager on the Party Bus and in the clubs last Saturday, i was having flashbacks over it all and the fabulous Burlesque tune that we learnt a routine to.


LB has a sticker chart and once he reaches a certain amount of stickers he gets a surprise.  Last week he was so good and surpassed his goal and got the DVD of ‘Finding Dory’.  I think I’ve been more excited than him to watch it and it didn’t disappoint. I loved the storyline and characters and as always with a new film it was played on repeat for days.


I made Jenny’s Ultimate Easter Cake for a Family Day on Easter Sunday.  She said it was easy and it was.  Me and LB had a great time while P slept and Daddy played golf and it tasted amazing.  It was a huge success all round.


Heels!!! Oh my goodness!!!
I live in trainers, although I absolutely love a good heel and have a huge selection.  However since having kids i wear them less and less and God do i know it.  Saturday Evening after an afternoon of Burlesque Dancing and Prosecco drinking, i put on my most comfortable black wedges.  By 10pm i could hardly walk, by 12am I had removed my shoes and was dancing sitting down and then couldn’t get them back on to leave the club as my feet had swollen up so much!

Also the most attractive photo of myself from the evening was me wearing a Pink Moustache.  In fact my sister in law was wearing one and two more on her eyebrows-yes that type of evening! After sending my hubby a photo he sent ‘funnily enough it suits you better than lipstick’, annoyingly he’s not wrong.

And Lastly

I seem to have lost my blogging mojo-well in fact my mojo for quite a lot.
I don’t think I’ve quite got back into the swing of things since the Easter holidays.
I keep thinking about blog posts, even drafting them and then days pass and I haven’t posted a thing.  I feel like I’m doing a bit of soul searching at the minute-not really sure I’m getting anywhere but just taking some time out to think and work some stuff out. Hopefully i’ll get myself going again soon.



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