Family, Youth Theatre & A New Shirt #LittleLoves #15

The last week of the Easter Holidays have gone past so quickly,
all i can say is  Thank Goodness for the 4 Day Weekend. I was worried that I was going to struggle keeping LB occupied as he had the week before the holidays off poorly, but surprisingly it has flown by and we have had it packed full,
with very few days spent at home.

This weeks Little Loves are Family, Youth Theatre and A New Shirt.Tulips


I did as Jenny recommended and sat down for a good hour with Girl on the Train to try and get myself into it and when reading it I’m enjoying it, however I don’t seem to have picked it up since. DOH!!

Also was excited to see my friend Hayley has started a blog about her new adventures moving to the Dales with her family. She’s only written a few posts so far but I’m looking forward to seeing her blog grow.


Lots of talking (I swear LB does not let up ever!) and squealing (yep P has certainly found his voice and a weird growling noise too) and I must admit to looking forward to a bit of peace and quiet once LB is back at preschool next week.
Can’t believe its his last term before big school in September.


Last weekend our Youth Theatre’s performances of My Fair Lady went ahead and what a fabulous show they put on. All the hard work really paid off! I was extremely proud of every member of the cast aged between 9-18 yrs and all the crew that worked tirelessly as volunteers.  LB and P came along on Sunday and helped backstage and were both so good! I like to get them used to being at the Theatre and all that it entails and LB has always been so good-the kids love having them around and are fab babysitters.  They finished Sundays show with a massive water fight out in the sun and LB didn’t want to come home.


I’m usually quite good here with a special meal somewhere along the line, however this week its been all about leftovers and whatever i can create at a whim.
The best one was homemade fish fingers with some frozen fish pie mix.
They were really tasty and easy and I forgot to take any photos.


My gorgeous new stripy shirt from Next that my in laws got me for my birthday. Shirts aren’t usually great for me as they either pull across my boobs or make me look huge as I have to get them about 3 sizes too big, but this one works (I think!).


And Lastly

We’ve spent Family days out for birthdays, been to the park for picnics with friends, been to friends houses where LB got to play with the teenagers while mummy drank coffee, ate cake & got some much needed work done with some help.  I’ve taught ballet classes and made plans for my 10 year celebration show and now a 4 day weekend of more family days to celebrate my niece and nephews birthday’s as well some time with daddy, to potter around the house, try and make Jenny’s Ultimate Easter Cake and start on the Decking, if P ever let’s me out of his vicinity!


And Breathe! Happy Easter!


12 thoughts on “Family, Youth Theatre & A New Shirt #LittleLoves #15

  1. coffeeworksleep says:

    Sounds like a lovely week! I’m so pleased that the production of My Fair Lady went well, I bet it’s so much fun for the young people to be part of it.
    Hope you had a lovely Easter weekend xx


  2. seasidesparkles says:

    The theatre group sounds wonderful, what a lovely thing to be involved with, are you still humming all the tunes? I know what you mean about the incessant chatting from children, my daughter talks from the minute she wakes up until she goes to bed, I thought it might lessen as she grows older but no and we get the comment that she chats all the time in class too, I guess we just embrace it!


  3. tippytupps says:

    The little ones grow up so quickly don’t they?! We’re about a year behind you but I’m dreading getting to this stage. Why can’t they stay little forever ?! #littleloves


  4. mumreinvented says:

    That shirt looks lovely on you. Ha ha I have the same problem with my little one talking as you do – he literally has not shut up for a week (and he was off school for 3 days the week before the Easter holidays) and we still have one left, so I’ll no doubt need sedating by the end of it! Enjoy the rest of the weekend x


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