Sunrises, Fantastic Beasts & Birthday Celebrations #LittleLoves #14

This week has been the first part of the Easter Holidays and although if I am honest I’ve been dreading it (everyone had been ill and around the house already for a week, I needed a break) its been fabulous and it’s gone really fast.  We’ve had one of LB’s friends Birthday Party’s, sunshine and time in the garden, dinner at Friends, Scooting and getting outdoors, baking, a day at the Theatre with my students,
and my birthday!

It’s been lovely to get out and about with this little one who seems to have perked up since last week.  He had a whole week off preschool with a horrible cough and cold but now is back to his always hungry, constant energy crazy self.

This weeks Little Loves are Sunrises, Fantastic Beasts and Birthday Celebrations


Nothing again! I haven’t decided on my next book and I can’t seem to get myself going on Girl on a Train again, even though I want to. I’m wondering if I should try something else completely or push through this feeling.


I have Get Me To The Church on Time going round and round my head at the minute. We spent all day Wednesday at a Festival in our local theatre with lots of other dance groups and school performing this routine from our production of
My Fair Lady which we are performing this weekend.


The sunrise on numerous mornings this week.
Between the hubby coughing all night and the baby struggling to settle with a blocked nose, I have been downstairs a lot earlier than normal.  I am pretty exhausted, however I have seen some pretty gorgeous sunrises through my blinds while curled up on the sofa, enjoying baby cuddles.

I also finally watched Fantastic Beasts and where to find them.
After I read the book at the start of the year, I was desperate to watch the film and throughly enjoyed it.  Other than that Quantico and Marvel Agents of Shield are my two weekly watches at the minute.


Mini egg, pancetta and tomato muffins.  Something a little different for breakfast.
I also made a nutella puff pastry tree and Salmon en croite which i was really proud of myself for. I even enjoyed the day of cooking.


I’m loving how comfy my New MAMA jumper is that I got for my Birthday. I’ve been after one for a year and I managed to persuade my mum to get it for me this year.
I think it might be my new staple.

And Lastly

Yesterday was my birthday, I spent the morning cuddled up with my boys, enjoying numerous cups of tea while watching Paw Patrol. My Nan popped over with some cards and treats, then I headed out with my in laws to meet my sister in law and nieces down at the river for a picnic.  It’s such a beautiful place to chill out and watch the world go by. We then headed to a pub for a few glasses of wine before going home with Fish and Chips to the poorly hubby.  Into my PJ’s with more wine and chocolate, a bit of TV and blogging and then into bed for a full nights sleep
(now that bits wishful thinking).


14 thoughts on “Sunrises, Fantastic Beasts & Birthday Celebrations #LittleLoves #14

  1. coffeeworksleep says:

    Happy belated birthday lovely!
    Fantastic Beasts is such a fantastic film isn’t it? I saw it in the cinema with my eldest and then last week we rented it as a family. Can’t wait for the next one x


  2. mumreinvented says:

    Happy birthday for last week! Girl on the train definitely grows on you. I’m like that with books, sometimes I really cant get into them and leave them, other times I plough on and end up loving them. I do tend to get bored with them if they dont really grab me within the first few chapters though. Love the sound of everything you’ve been cooking, you always make such lovely stuff! Have a great week! x


    • gemslittletreasures says:

      Thank you! I sat down for an hour the other night and got into it more but haven’t picked it up since! I’m nearly half way so will plough on as I think I’ll be annoyed if I don’t finish it. We try to mix up our cooking as we tend to get stuck in a rut and get very bored. Have a lovely week x


  3. Mummy Hearts You says:

    Happy belated Birthday! Fantastic Beast and Where To Find Them was so good wasn’t it? Gorgeous pictures of the sun rising! Have a wonderful week popping over from #littlelove


  4. Jenny @ Let's Talk Mommy says:

    Oh you should push through it Girl on the Train is fab I think get a nice class, quiest cozy spot and hit it for an hour and it will pull you in. If you try doing a few pages here and there it’s not the type of story to hold you I don’t think. I just read something completely different and loved them and didn’t think I would. The Grisha Trilogy and Six of Crows and Crooked Kindgom a bit out there great story lines and suspense too to keep you reading. Not my normal genre but recommended by a friend and loved all five books. I need to read Fantastic Beasts and it would seem #littleloves has a huge birthday celebrations this week every post has mentioned one! Hooray for celebrations have fun! Apologies if I missed last weeks post I am catching up with them today too. Happy weekend and Happy Easter! #littleloves


    • gemslittletreasures says:

      Fabulous-now to find the whole hour to crack on! When in bed I seem to last a matter of minutes before faceplanting the book! These books sound intriguing it’s always good to step out of the comfort. Thank you and happy easter x

      Liked by 1 person

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