Birthday Bucket List

Today I turned 34years old.  I’m still trying to work out how i feel about approaching my Mid 30’s and have been ‘thinking’ a lot about where i want to be, my achievements so far and what makes me happy.

A couple of years back when I first started this blog I wrote a 32 @ 32 post of things I wanted to do that year, so here we go again with a 34 @ 34.  I’ve stolen a few as they never actually got completed first time round and I’d still like to do them or they are something I love doing so putting them on this list gives me an incentive to push and get it booked! 

  1. Go to the theatre to watch a musical at least twice
  2. Go to the cinema alone
  3. Eat out and have cocktails with my husband
  4. Read 10 books
  5. Bake a cake-a proper one not just a banana loaf
  6. Lose at least one stone (ideally 3)
  7. Go somewhere I’ve never been
  8. Keep building my blog
  9. Reach a particular no of students at my Dance School
  10. Find a new hobby
  11. Be able to do the splits again on both legs-gulp!
  12. Not freak out completely when LB starts big school in September
  13. Donate blood again
  14. Have a new Tattoo
  15. Make cocktails – inspired by Emma
  16. Learn a new skill – any ideas?
  17. Complete my Studio Management course
  18. Decorate our bedroom-make it into a little haven rather than the junk room it currently is
  19. Complete the interior of the Summer House so we have somewhere to chill and get work done while hiding from the kids
  20. Colour every print in my mindfulness colouring book
  21. Sort all my photos on my laptop and phone (there’s 1000’s & im getting scared of losing them now)
  22. Use my video camera the hubby brought me for Christmas
  23. Visit friends for a break in North Yorkshire, Exeter and Norfolk.
  24. Pay off more debt
  25. Wake up early for some me time-a cuppa alone, meditation, reading, anything to start the day more positively without being physically dragged from sleep
  26. Buy some house plants-would love to get some greenery indoors
  27. Declutter our house – this one may forever be on this list, it’s never ending
  28. Do our culinary ‘Around the World’ over the summer holidays
  29. Be super organised with birthday cards and presents and not leave them until the last minute or forget all together
  30. Get more photos, canvases, and framed quotes up on the wall
  31. Enjoy some beauty spa treatments-massage, pedicure, Indian head massage, reflexology oh which one first?
  32. Go to the Beach
  33. Invite friends and family over more often-Sunday Dinners, BBQs, garden picnics, play dates
  34. Try Yoga

But first cake ……….

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