Sunshine, New Clothes and Easter Holidays #LittleLoves #13

Hello Friday and Hello Easter Holidays at last!
Its felt like a really long term for us, anyone else feel the same in the Spring?
I think it’s the come down from Christmas and the eagerness for a bit of sunshine.
Which showed itself a couple of times this week and really perked me up.The whole term has felt long but Man am I glad this particular week is over.
It’s been a poorly week in the Tanswell household.
Both boys and the hubby have had a horrible cough and cold which has meant my plan of taking control of work, planning our Easter break and enjoying my last few hours of peace before LB broke up from preschool ended up being a week sat on the sofa, watching Beauty and the Beast on repeat, dealing with snot, tears and cuddles.
Theres been minimal sleep throughout and as the only healthy one i’ve been having to deal with the lot. Man am I tired and wondering what I’m going to find to write about this week! The sun did shine yesterday and I decided to take them all out into the garden-the fresh air and warmth did us all some good!


 Anyway here are this Weeks Little Loves
– Sunshine, New clothes and Easter Holidays.


Honestly not a lot! I’ve been working through my Dance Studio Transformation book and adding plenty more books to the wishlist as I’ve spotted them on blogs and instagram.  Seriously I am not sure how i’ll ever get through my list, though i love adding to it.
I’ve read through some blogs trying to catch up on some of my linkys but every time i have tried to sit down to read I’ve ended up being dragged back off the sofa for a screaming baby or something similar. I did 7000 steps on my fitbit one night this week before i’d even got up in the morning! ZZZZ!


I’ve been listening to Rag N Bone Man this week,  Just some chilled out tunes to keep me going and have also been singing Beauty and the Beats songs all week
(Read the next section)-gutted I haven’t actually seen the new one yet though.

Ive heard my name a little bit too much Mummy from LB, constant mamamamamamamamama from P and Gem from B. Sometimes I have just wanted to go and hide in the corner and drown myself in rum and other times i’ve realised how wonderful it is to be the one that they all need.  The only one that can make them all smile.
I am ready for them all to be better now though.


Beauty and the Beast and the Incredibles on repeat.
Its really hard to get LB to watch a new film but once you get through it the first time
he starts reciting it and wanting to watch it over and over again.

I am absolutely loving Quantico Series 2, seriously there is an unexpected twist every episode, I am hating having to wait a whole week for the next one.  I have a few box sets i want to watch too but am worried if i start I may never get anything done of an evening
as I’ll be glued to the TV.
I am very excited to watch Fantastic Beasts tonight.  I may have accidentally ordered it on Sky and it arrived in the post yesterday-A wonderful surprise for me.
Hubby was not impressed that got added to the bill but Oh Well-Lol!

I also watched P take his first mouthfuls of food and here the weaning journey begins.
He started off loving it and gobbling down pear and baby rice but this cold has certainly made it more difficult for him. I’m looking forward to him getting back to his happy self.



I got the Fearne Cotton cook book this week, i like the idea of cooking healthily even though all i currently crave is chocolate, crisps and rum (nope the baby weight is certainly not shifting). All I have managed so far is a flick through it so now to decide what to try first.  This week has been all about the quick cooked meals, fish pie, shish kebabs and we did enjoy some homemade sweet potato fries one day while slobbing on the sofa.


For once I actually have something to put here! EEK!
Though not any photos of me in any of it yet.
As its my birthday next week my mum brought me a Grey/Orange Mama jumper from TheFmlyStore which I am in love with and my nan took me to Matalan to grab some new bits and pieces.  2 pairs of trousers, some underwear, black and grey strappy tops, navy striped top and some pale blue pumps- not bad for £50.
My wardrobe needs a complete overhaul if I’m honest, i can’t wait to gradually get my fashion sense/style back (what am i talking about I’m not sure I ever had any)!

And Lastly

Although I’m still technically on Maternity leave I have been working most days whether that’s on admin or rehearsals for various things or covering teachers (like i am tonight).
I even had to work on Mothers day at exams, thank god for the sunshine and the peace and quiet that it brought. I really do love my job, I am very lucky!

So here we are now at the Easter holidays, I have some rehearsals, 3 shows and admin to do as well as my birthday, days planned with family and friends and hopefully some sunshine as well as an attempt at Jenny’s amazing Easter Cake.

This holiday marks one year since LB started Preschool and he now has only one more term left until he starts school, I cant quite believe it where has the time gone?
Although it’ll be very strange for us all I am quite excited for him as I think he is ready for the next challenge.  We find out in a couple of weeks where he’ll be going next-Yikes!


8 thoughts on “Sunshine, New Clothes and Easter Holidays #LittleLoves #13

  1. Jenny @ Let's Talk Mommy says:

    I nee that healthy recipe book. I haven’t been getting as creative as I normally do with our food been lazy need to try some new cookbooks to encourage me again. This looks fab. Love the clothes haul I am desperate need of a good shopping spree for summer wish it would warm up already! So sorry for the late comment I am playing catch up on today’s and last weeks #littleloves. Better late than never I hope! Happy Weekend.


    • gemslittletreasures says:

      I’ve not been too good at keeping up with my blog reading either so need to find the time to catch up! I haven’t tried anything from true book yet but I tend to get stuck in a rut and you’re right get a bit creative again. I could do with a full wardrobe overhaul I so rarely shop for myself anymore x


  2. coffeeworksleep says:

    You’ve been busy! I felt for you when I read the bit about doing 7000 steps even before you’d got up!!
    Fearne’s cook book is great, I must dig it out and give a few more recipes a try xx


  3. Sadie says:

    Nice Matalan haul, I always forget about there and I’m impressed by how much you got for £50. I’m hoping to update my wardrobe after my baby arrives, so I’ll need to remember that!

    I’d be curious how you find Ferne’s book. I like her a lot, but I have a few lifestyle cookery books on my shelf that actually don’t get used because they aren’t very applicable to real life!

    I hope the lurgies leave your family soon, it’s tough being ill but its even tougher being the carer!



    • gemslittletreasures says:

      I know ours isn’t in the town centre so I forget but most times I go I find something I like and I love the homeware. I really like Fearne too but let’s see how I find any of the recipes. I find the same with some of the real healthy lifestyle books. God me too I’m ready for less snotty nose to wipe. Hope you had a lovely weekend x


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