#LivingArrows 2017 12/52

Another Monday and with it a highlight of my week!
A moment to check out recent photos of my boys and find a favourite
-never an easy job! 

P loves the bath.
He grins away, kicking his legs, splashing water everywhere.
He completely takes it when LB launches water all over him and loves trying to pick up all the floating bath toys. He’s completely in his element.

Last week me and LB did some baking.
He’s never seemed to bothered about licking the bowl out, much to my delight! However this time he got stuck right in. If I’m honest I think the cookie dough was better than the finished product.


6 thoughts on “#LivingArrows 2017 12/52

  1. mumandlittleboo says:

    Ah you can’t beat a baby bath picture, very cute! I love being able to lick the bowl after baking, I’ve not had a look in since Riley came along though! Hope your cookies were tasty 🙂 x #LivingArrows


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