#LivingArrows (2017) 11/52

So here we are again another Monday and another chance to plough through my photos and choose my favourites of my boys this week.

The sun has started to show its face-woohoo!!!
It’s so nice not to have to wrap up in a million layers and feel the warmth on our faces. LB was brought a new cap and for a paw patrol obsessive he was rather excited!
Woolly hat gone, summer cap here we are…….
oh and mummy wasn’t allowed to wear her sunglasses herself-too much to ask!

We’ve stopped off at the park a few days after preschool and this little one has taken a little snooze while his big brother played. It’s amazing how alike they look as babies (to the point where theres a few photos that I’m not 100% which is which, as they are wearing the same outfits) and it makes me wonder what P will look like and be like personality wise as he grows. People always say you never get two the same!


7 thoughts on “#LivingArrows (2017) 11/52

    • gemslittletreasures says:

      It’s made a complete difference to my mindset-I forget how good sun makes me feel. The cap is from Morrisons-nothing like a sneaky buy while doing he good shop. I know I can’t believe how big he’s getting, it’s scary x


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