Me and Mine Project (February 2017) 

February was a busy month of work and running around for both me and B.
We spent most weekends passing each other, tag teaming the kids and falling asleep way too early.  Hardly a month of family adventures……

But it was still a good one, it was busy but fun.
I had some time to myself without the kids, it may have been work related most of the time but i felt refreshed from that little bit of time away, therefore meaning time spent with them was quality. The sun has shown its head a little more frequently and the days have been longer with the brighter afternoons.

B has been to the Natural History Museum with Nanny and Grandad, LB has been enjoying all the attention from all the dancers at mummy rehearsals and Mummy and Daddy have been running around like crazy trying to get everything sorted
(Work, Jobs off the to do list and helping B’s Nan clear her caravan).
Maybe March will be our month for some adventures-we shall see!img_9656

Mummy’s Loving

  1. The first signs of spring
  2. Gin and tonic (never liked it before)
  3. Spending time with my dance students at festivals & shows
  4. How I feel after I’ve walked the school run each day (an hour and a half of exercise and fresh air each day)
  5. Ticking things off the ever growing to do list

Daddy’s Loving

  1. Planning a day of golf with friends
  2. Finishing clearing his nan’s caravan which has taken up most of his weekends though February
  3. Napping in the evening-though apparently he’s only resting his eyes
  4. Milky Coffee’s and Mocha’s to start the day
  5. His New Tattoo of P’s Birthdate


LB’s loving

  1. The film Trolls on repeat
  2. Pancakes with Nutella
  3. A trip on the train to the Natural History Museum with Nanny and Grandad
  4. Spending time with Daddy while Mummy’s at work
  5. Phonics-he does them everywhere

P’s Loving

  1. Bathtime splashing
  2. All the attention
  3. His Rubber Ring to sit up in
  4. Waking Mummy up constantly through the night again (mummy’s not so keen)
  5. Tummy time


And the outtakes!


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