#LivingArrows 10/52

I’m not doing to well at keeping up with my Living Arrows posts this year,
but some are better than none, i guess.

These are my favourites photos from this week of my two gorgeous boys! 

P slept through the night twice this week!
Unfortunately only twice, though I really shouldn’t complain,
since then it’s been back to the middle of the night feed again.

B loved Pancake Day.
He had some pancakes at preschool and then after dinner we made them at home too. Flicking them up in the Air,
smothering then in Nutella
and thoroughly enjoying every mouthful.


8 thoughts on “#LivingArrows 10/52

  1. Donna says:

    YAY for P sleeping through the night. He may only have done it twice but you now know he can do it – so fingers crossed it’ll be a habit in no time! I used to always eat chocolate spread from the tub, peanut butter too! x


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