Trolls, PJ Days & Signs of Spring #LittleLoves #8 (2017)

Another week passed and we have been back to the preschool and work routine.
A little late with my Little Loves after a slightly manic week but I still wanted to get this post written. I think some people were on Half Term this week rather than last like us and will have had a lovely week of adventures,while we stepped back into normality.

This Weeks Little Loves are Trolls, PJ Days & Signs of Spring


I haven’t picked up a book since last week even though I mentioned the possibility of trying to get back into Girl on a Train.  I have flicked through a few magazines but if I’m honest I’m not really sure where this week has gone.


I’ve been trying to listen to more variety in my music
and have been listening to podcasts on the school run, which picks me up and starts the day off positively.  I want to get some new playlists set up on my iPod too for when i go back to teaching- any ideas?


This week has been all about Trolls.
LB was brought a Build A Bear Branch for his birthday and when the film came out our friends got that for him too.  He has been watching it non stop and if i’m honest i haven’t got bored of it yet. The happy vibe, the music, the farting glitter and pooping cupcakes-all something I’ve needed right now.


Our food has been last minute and pretty shocking this week I seem to have lost my way on the meal Planning already.  Something that was working really well, so we need to try and get back to that as the variety and health benefits of that planning was huge.


After a busy day last Friday we had a PJ day on Saturday.
Me and the boys stayed in our jammies all day before showering and getting into clean ones.  We cuddled on the sofa watched Trolls on repeat and just chilled, it was very much needed.

And Lastly

I went for an extra long walk one morning while LB was at Preschool.
Down to the doctors for P’s jabs and then up the biggest hill ever-or thats how it feels when you’re pushing a buggy.  The lovely bit was seeing a little snippet of Spring even with the grey sky.


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