Valentines, Gotham & a Makeover #LittleLoves #7 

You’d think as this week has been half term I’d have a lot to write but although it’s been busy it’s been more work related and LB has been continuing to  push all the boundaries and I’ve had a consistent headache.  Luckily I’ve had some lovely people that have helped out with the boys meaning they haven’t had to be dragged around to everything and I have had a little time off to myself (even if it was work) which makes a difference to my sanity!

This weeks Little Loves are Valentines, Gotham and a Makeover.


This week I finished Present over Perfect which I returned to after finishing Fantastic Beasts. It was a very relatable read that I really must pay attention too and take on board.  I almost certainly will read it again. I’m now debating whether to go back to Girl on a Train, which I started but didn’t get gripped by or start something else? Any thoughts?


Valentine’s Day while eating our M&S meal deal of scallops, duck a lorange and chocolate pudding, washed down with prosecco, we listened to a little bit of Gregory Porter and Rag n bone man.

Nice and chilled for our romantic evening in and I got a little spoilt!


When it was on last year me and B loved Gotham. When it came to season 2 though we watched a couple and then for one reason or another we started saying oh we’ll watch it tomorrow until the season had finished and we hadn’t caught up! We’ve promised each other we’ll start watching some box sets together again and this week we’ve been addicted to Gotham. We’ve watched about 14 episodes in 5 days and I was excited to see that there’s a season 3 coming out this year. Only problem is everything else including blogging has gone out the window.


So very little! Usually I am good on the food front here but this week we’ve had some late nights and some takeaways as well as the just put in the oven Valentines meal-hardly a MADE!

It was pretty yummy though! Hot chocolate pudding and cream.


A friend of mine knew I’d be having a little bit of a rubbish time recently so surprised me Wednesday afternoon with a trip to the Dior counter at John alewid for. Makeover then it was supposed to be coffee and cake though it took the lady 3 hours to do both of our make up (which was a little OTT) so we didn’t get the cake-gutted!

It was so thoughtful of her to get me out the house and doing something different though. I’m so grateful to her for putting a smile on my face.

And Lastly

We had a lovely day on Monday with family and it was great to see my little man braving the big stuff just to be like his 11 year old cousins.


10 thoughts on “Valentines, Gotham & a Makeover #LittleLoves #7 

  1. coffeeworksleep says:

    I’m so pleased that you’ve found Present Over Perfect helpful. It’s a book full of little gems, isn’t it?
    What a thoughtful thing for your friend to arrange though I’d be gutted with the lack of cake! haha xxx


  2. Jenny @ Let's Talk Mommy says:

    Oh lovely to get pampered though. 3 hours wow sad you didn’t get cake but you looking good thinking about it. Just think she saved you the calories. Looks like you have had a busy week. Gotham sounds good have seen it. Lovely Vday too. Happy Weekend lovely #littleloves


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