Siblings (February & March)

I’m not doing too well at publishing my siblings posts!
They get half written, sit in the drafts folder and I completely forget them.

So here I am with February and Marchs. 


P is now 4 months old and really paying attention to his surroundings! He loves attention and as long as someone is in his face talking to him, he’s smiling and giggling away. LB loves to oblige to this and is constantly chatting to him! He goes through stages of wanting P involved in everything he does and not wanting to go near him. He is still a little jealous that I have to do everything for P and now refuses to get dressed or do anything for himself, I have to help with everything or we get a mega tantrum. If P is sat on my lap then LB needs to, if I look away from either of them they both kick up a fuss-it’s making life very interesting!


As P becomes more and more vocal and responsive it’s wonderful to watch their little conversations! In fact LB talks in his own little language and P grins away at him making sounds back. LB is always giving P hugs and telling him he loves him so much! I can’t quite believe how much LB Loves to have him around. They sit with each other and already share things (or P grabs them). P has become a complete wriggle bottom and doesn’t like to sit still which LB finds hysterical but isn’t so keen when he grabs his hair or tries to eat him-lol! There’s a bit too much dribble for his liking!


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