#MySundayPhoto A Little Treat

We’re about to head into Half Term here, which means both boys at home, no time to sit back (as I someyimes  do when LB is at preschool and P naps) and enjoy little treats like this without little fingers finding their way into the pack.img_9251

These sneaky treats made their way into the basket when I stopped at the shop the other day for milk and bread. Seriously though the packets have shrunk, which I am not too happy about and obviously they disappeared in one sitting. Yeah the new year diet has still not kicked in and I believe to make it through this week with work and the kids in tow, I may be needing a packet a day!


12 thoughts on “#MySundayPhoto A Little Treat

  1. Elaine says:

    I am sure year on year things like this do get smaller, same with the cream eggs, they are probably hoping you cannot be exact with what size they were for sure last year. Hope you enjoyed your indulgence #MySundayPhoto


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