Fantastic Beasts, Bobble Hats & Amazon Music #LittleLoves #6

This week has shown us a little glimpse of Spring before throwing us right back into Winter-Yesterday was absolutely freezing. Next week is Half Term here which means a week with both boys in tow. There’s already some work days planned, some fun with family and a surprise treat with a friend.

This weeks Little Loves are Fantastic Beasts, Bobble Hats and Amazon Music.


This week I finished Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them by JK Rowling (I can’t believe it, that’s 2 books in a month). I found it a lot easier to read as a script than I thought, once I got going it was just like a normal book. I whizzed through it (for me anyway) and really enjoyed it. I’m even more excited to see the film now.

I also treated myself to the new Red magazine in the bid to remind myself to relax sometimes and stop trying to do everything. SJP has always been a fashion icon and although I’d never be able to wear any thing she does (I mean we are completely different shapes) it’s all still beautiful to look at.


I’ve been listening to my Amazon Music App and have heard a couple of new tracks and artists that I wouldn’t have seeked out had they not been on the ‘new releases’ for the app. I am loving these two songs especially and will be looking for more of their music now.


My Normal little bits and pieces but nothing big on TV here this week, though me and the hubby have started discussing what box set we should watch.  We have watched nothing we should have, so have a huge huge back log. Decisions Decisions.

I have been watching/running some rehearsals this week for our next musical My Fair Lady and a show we are doing in a local theatre at the end of February. It’s all coming together nicely but after a 9-5 day teaching on Sunday I was exhausted. I’d forgotten how hard work it was, especially with P screaming most of the day too.


This week our meal plan kind of went out the window which was a pain but heres a couple of my creations… kedgeree and a simple steak favourite.


Look at that bobble hat! My nan knits the kids Jumpers and hats for Christmas and birthday and whenever she has a minute and some wool lying around.  Unfortunately the Christmas creation was too small for LB (my child is a giant) so I measured him and she made a beautiful purple one with matching bobble hat for his birthday ! Unfortunately the jumper photo was just awful but thought this one showcased the gorgeous bobble hat and our little P looking so lovingly at his big bro.

And Lastly

Last Saturday we got out in the garden and look at that sun!
It was wonderful and really perked us all up. While the hubby sanded down more of our dining chairs and I sat chilling with a cuppa, LB used his rake and trucks to dig in our demolished flowerbeds and it was so lovely to not have to wrap up in a stupid amount of layers to enjoy the fresh air. The first signs of spring are certainly sprouting in our garden and it really made me excited for those warm weekend’s where we can get our garden back to the beauty it was last year!

Thanks to Morgana for this wonderful Link UP that makes me think of all the good
in what can sometimes feel like a bad week.


22 thoughts on “Fantastic Beasts, Bobble Hats & Amazon Music #LittleLoves #6

  1. Jenny @ Let's Talk Mommy says:

    Did I just see Mini Eggs oh my goodness. I could live off those things. Naughty but good. Love the purple bobble hat it’s gorgeous. I really need to get this fantastic beasts.I have a reading list so long it will take me years to finish all of them. Hope you had a great weekend. #litteloves


  2. Morgana says:

    Sunshine and fresh air always make me feel better. Roll on Spring I say!
    I’ve eating so many packs of mini eggs recently, oops. I swear there’s way less in a pack these days though…!! xx


    • gemslittletreasures says:

      I’ve got a mountain of books on the wish list I was impressed my hubby got it, but then I think all my Xmas presents came off the Amazon wish list this year as his shopping started about a week before 🙈I really enjoyed it and can’t wait for the film now x

      Liked by 1 person

  3. countryheartdeb says:

    The sky has been so blue here some days but its still freezing cold! We had our first pack of mini eggs this week too – it wont be the last im sure lol #littleloves


  4. mumreinvented says:

    Gotta love a bit of sunshine. Loving all these first sign of spring photos this week, I don’t dare try to grow anything so I miss all that! Glad you made some time for yourself this week. Have a great weekend x


  5. emilyandindiana says:

    It’s been artic out there hasn’t it! I am sooo looking forward to warmer weather and less of thse rubbish miserable skies. That bobble hat is gorgeous, such a lovely colour 🙂 Have a fab week x


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