#LivingArrows 6/52 (2017)

This week has felt a little crazy!
I’ve been a bit overwhelmed by everything which i wrote about over the weekend
and I wasn’t even sure I’d taken any photos.

I was pleased to see a couple of cute ones in my phone photo stream though
that I could share this week.

On Friday my mum came and took P out for the day so that i could get some work done while LB was at Preschool.  He got spoilt rotten with cuddles from Great Nanny, Great Aunties, My Cousins and of course Nanny.  He then got stuck for nearly two hours in traffic due to an accident and screamed non stop at Nanny.  Bless her I think she’d have needed a glass of wine when she finally got home. This was taken when he came in – like butter wouldn’t melt!

On Saturday the sun shone and we got out in the garden in what feels like the first time in forever.  The weather was glorious, B was in a t-shirt and LB didn’t want a jumper on.  He dug around in the mud, clearing stones out with his rake and truck for hours.  It was lovely to see him entertaining himself and soaking up some Spring rays.  We saw little moments of springs with new flowers coming up and it made us all that little bit excited to see more of those little moments.


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