Siblings Project (January 17)

Another month has gone
and I’m back to celebrate the relationship that’s growing between my boys.Unfortunately I didn’t get this post written as quickly as I hoped (too many half posts written in drafts) and therefore have missed the linky but i still wanted to share these photos for my own records.

I really am loving watching these two together.

P watches everything LB does.
He follows him with his eyes and laughs when LB dances around and sings him songs.

LB loves to entertain his brother.
He copies the things I do to make P smile, tickling his tummy,
showering him with kisses and just generally paying him attention.

LB still asks to hold him and tries to carry him around.
He wants P to sit next to him and do everything with him including pad time.
However the jealousy of Mummy’s attention still rears its head and LB is currently not in favour of mummy-daddy is much better!
Daddy makes little dens for LB and he wanted P to go in with him.
He wants to share everything except me.


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