#MyFamilyAdventures (January 2017)

I must admit to hibernating for much of January.
We’ve done the school run, the park, we’ve had a birthday and that’s about it.
Not really as exciting as I’d like but there are still some mini adventures,
even in the mundane.

LB turned 4 on the 28th and we had a little party at home.
Friends and Family popped over spoiling him rotten and enjoying a day of catching up, eating sweet treats and fizzy drinks (prosecco).

We’ve baked Chocolate Chip Cookies which for once were a real success and disappeared almost as quickly as it took to make them.

We’ve spent time at the park, climbing, swinging, sliding and chilling out!
LB is such an active little boy with very little fear.
He loves being outdoors but also can’t wait to get back in the warm with a hot chocolate once his little nose has turned to ice.


It also snowed in January, not a huge amount but enough for a little run around in the garden, crunching and slipping our way to school and some beautiful skies.

We’ve wrapped up toasty to enjoy some of the fresh crisp air of this winter.
We have had days that its been freezing and others where all the layers have made us just a little bit too warm.  P just looks so cute in this snowsuit though-i am so sad that he’s nearly grown out of it now, we had it when LB was a baby too.  Its so fluffy and soft and the little bear ears – bless!

I’ve been loving the views, the sunsets and sunrises, the colour of the sky and the horizons and have loved snapping some beautiful photos.

8 thoughts on “#MyFamilyAdventures (January 2017)

  1. lifeasourlittlefamily says:

    I LOVE winter sunshine. I think that’s what I love about #MyFamilyAdventures is that it could be anything whether stomping in the snow in the garden or making pizza at home. I think its good that you try to get out for just a little bit even though you have a gorgeous little one keeping you awake! Thank you so much for joining in this month x


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