Fantastic Beasts, Mushroom Risotto & Silent Witness #Little Loves #5

Happy Friday you lovely lot!
Another week has passed us by and with it the first month of 2017.
Goodbye January-Hello February! 

I was really quite proud of myself this week when I discovered that January was the best month in my blog stats since starting. I’ve been trying to write more regularly and really love blogging so it was lovely to see that others are enjoying it too.


I have finished Like A Queen by Constance Hall and I loved it!
It only took me a couple of weeks and thats pretty impressive for me at the minute. Such an honest, relatable, funny book. Now I’m onto Fantasic Beasts which was a Christmas pressie from the hubby and I’m desperate to watch the film. I’m not sure how I feel about it being a script (though I am used to reading scripts for my job) and haven’t really read enough to say what I think yet.


I hadn’t realised as an Amazon Prime customer I could have Amazon Music (I live under a rock and pay attention to very little obviously) which I downloaded onto my phone this week and have been loving listening to Craig David’s new album and Adele’s album 25 on the school run.


The finale of the 20th season of Silent Witness. Nothing like that ending-gulp!!!

I have a thing about the sky channel Alibi. It’s got a complete variety of murder based tv programmes and I love pretty much all of them. They are very easy watching and when i should be working or I’m feeding P they are perfect to have on in the background. I must remember to turn them off when LB is around though.


Quite a few things are coming into this category this week.
Our meal planning is still going well-here are the mushroom risotto with garlicky greens and parmesan and the satay chicken with naan.

Our table revamp has progressed too and one chair is now finished-oh and LB has already put dirty fingerprints over the newly covered seat.  Fail! 

I also created my hubby a new website and I am pretty impressed with myself.
Better than my 2-lol!


LB got some lovely clothes for his birthday.  He is growing so fast and we seemed to have bypassed size 4-5, he’s in size 5-6yrs and a size 11 shoe and he’s only just 4.
He’s going to be a giant.

I loved this top and just wish they did one in my size.  I have been eying up logo/quote jumpers for a while, just haven’t got any for myself just yet, but to be honest i could do with a whole new wardrobe.

And Lastly

I’ve been struggling with Anxiety a lot recently and this week has seen me getting completely overwhelmed. With a teething, screaming baby, demanding 4 year old, a business to run, a hugely messy house and trying to have any time to myself to switch off…this quote summed it up!  I have been putting so much pressure on myself and i’ve been struggling to pick myself up.  I’ve had a good old rant at a few people and that makes me feel better for a short while, but the feeling keeps coming back and seems to be a bugger to shake!

 I’m hoping the latter x

10 thoughts on “Fantastic Beasts, Mushroom Risotto & Silent Witness #Little Loves #5

  1. Morgana says:

    LB sounds just like my E! She’s just turned 6 and is in 7-8 clothes and a size 13 and a half in shoes!!
    I really must catch up with Silent Witness, thanks for the reminder.
    Hope this week is good to you lovely, it’s easy to say but try and be kind to yourself and ease off the pressure xxx


    • gemslittletreasures says:

      I have loved Silent Winess for years i hate that the series seem so short and only once a year. Need to try and make the most of it this year as I am so behind on any decent series or films and listening to new music again is fab. Which recipe you after m,y lovely? x


  2. mumreinvented says:

    Ha ha LB is a little giant! Think my 5 year old is only in size 10 shoes and has just gone into 5 – 6 clothes and some of them seem way too big, they soon spring up though don’t they! Your food is making me feel hungry again this week. I’ve taken inspiration from you and started a meal plan again and so far so good – and it’s helping me lose a few pounds so fingers crossed I’ll keep it up! Your recovered chair looks fab, I really need to do mine, they look like sticky finger central at the mo! Hope you have a good weekend and make sure you make a little time for yourself while you’re not feeling too good x


    • gemslittletreasures says:

      He is a giant-he is going to towers me by the age of 10 i’m sure. Glad the meal planning is going well-we’ve been really enjoying it though I’ve been a bit bad the last few days and we haven’t actually planned next weeks yet-oops! Thank You-not doing too well at the me time but its certainly something i’m going to have to sort out! Have a lovely rest of your weekend x


  3. Stacie (@ParkerandMe) says:

    NEED to catch up with Silent Witness! That Satay Chicken looks delicious, would love the recipe. I’m considering signing back up to Amazon Prime, we had it for a year and it was really handy – it’s just the one off payment seems a lot in one go. Enjoy your weekend xx


    • gemslittletreasures says:

      Its definitely worth it! It was an Ainsley Harriott Recipe (Flash Chicken satay) Amazon Prime is fab for the amount we buy at Christmas etc (i also use it for props and costumes) But yeah i know what you mean about the amount-thats why I’m trying to make it more worthwhile and use the films and music more this year x


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