Me and Mine Project (January 2017)

January is always just a bleurgh month for me.
I find it very hard to get inspired and motivated (however hard i try).
I’m sure it has something to do with the miserable weather, the pressure to start everything afresh on January 1st and the exciting but busy end to the year
but i tend to end up hibernating.  

I find it hard to get any headspace in December to think about my new years resolutions or looking back over the amazing year. I always have great intentions but freeze a little with overwhelm.  By the time we’ve got to the end of the month I feel like i have a better idea of what i want from the year. I am happy to see the end of January it has seemed to go on for a really long time.  There is a lot of things planned for February, unfortunately more work than fun (though i admit i find my work fun) but there is a half Term which has the potential to have some adventure.

This month we haven’t been out as a family much, its been one or the other of us and at weekends we’ve been working so we just had a sofa photoshoot where we decided to have a little fun! My favourite one is the big group hug at the end.

Mummy is loving

Red Wine, Candles and chilling in the bath

The book ‘Like A Queen’ by Constance Hall

Silent Witness-I can’t believe it’s the last one tonight!

Meal Planning-we’ve being choosing easy to cook, new recipes and its been such a lovely selection so far

Feeling a bit fitter and hitting over 10,000 steps on my fitbit each day

Daddy is loving

Building with LB’s new Lego (without LB)

Teaching LB how to play games on the Wii

Sanding down and painting our dining table and chairs-its looking good

Watching the FA Cup

Lots of New Recipes for dinner


Little B is loving

Celebrating his birthday with a little party and a lot of presents

Walking to school in the frost and snow

Practising his scooting

Harder puzzles that he can still do easily, to the shock of all of us adults

Baking Cookies and helping Mummy cook dinners

P is Loving

Finding his voice, shouting out to everyone to pay him some attention

Wearing cool dungarees instead of just babygrows

Growing longer and longer and amazing mummy

Looking at his hands – they are quite amazing really

Trying to roll over from his front to his back




7 thoughts on “Me and Mine Project (January 2017)

  1. Colette B says:

    I know what you mean about the pressure to start fresh but really cold miserable January just isn’t the time to do it is it! I did a campaign last year that was all about making resolutions in spring instead.


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