#OrdinaryMoments #4 (2017) Reading

I have always loved reading,
getting lost in someone else’s life,their experiences, joys and troubles,
but since having kids (oh and the business and blog) it doesn’t seem to happen quite as frequently as I’d like. 
I only ever seem to be able to read when I get an evening with time to have a bath.
To light a candle, enjoy a glass of wine and just relax in silence is bliss.
If I ever get to bed early enough, I manage between 2-10 pages before falling asleep. You understand now why I take so long to finish a book.


I don’t have a particular genre of book I like best, though it did used to be all about the psychological thriller with authors such as Val Mcdermid and Tess Gerritsen being my go tos. I’ve loved girlie chick lit too, enjoying books by Sophie Kinsella and Adele Parks but more recently it’s been about the real life, be that about motherhood or business.


The books I’ve managed to devour quickly in the last year have been ones such as

Girlboss – Sophia Amoruso
The Unmumy Mum – Sarah Turner
Hurrah For Gin – Katie Kirby
The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying – Marie Kondo
Dance Studio Transformation – Clint Salter
and most recently
Like A Queen – Constance Hall and Present over Perfect – Shauna Niequist

They have been ways of putting my own life in to perspective, people to relate to or who could inspire and motivate me. It is obviously something i needed more than escapism recently as i have struggled to get through fiction stories.

This year I really want to make the time to read more and have challenged myself to at least 10 books in 2017.  Its not many really, especially as I’ve seen some bloggers recently say they try to read a book a week. I really don’t know how they do it but its amazing, with professional blogs, working from home and children too, but I’m hoping to smash this amount, as I find reading very therapeutic and want to make more time for myself.

LB also loves books. We have to read two every  night before he’ll sleep and quite frequently he’ll ask for more but we have to stop somewhere, we’d be reading all night.  When we leave his room he continues to read books himself, well flick through and almost identically recite the words he’s memorised. For his birthday he received some new ones and we read them all in one go on Sunday afternoon.
I do hope that he enjoys reading as he grows older.

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