Now you are 4

So here I am sitting on the sofa, on the last night of my little boy being 3. I’ve wrapped presents, written the card, blown up balloons and tucked him into bed (late) after extra pizza, more time playing puzzles with me and daddy and the longest books he could find! 

Here’s a little letter for you LB, on your 4th Birthday…..

Hey my gorgeous boy,

I can’t believe you, my ‘baby boy’, sorry my ‘big boy’ as you are always telling me, are 4 years old-not technically til 18.43pm but hey! The time has gone by in the blink of an eye, though it feels like you have been here forever!

I remember the day you were born like it was yesterday. The way nothing quite went to plan but in my eyes it was all still perfect. The way Daddy held you first as I was still in surgery and I watched the love in his eyes, spread and it made me smile at the realisation that you had made us something new, something special-parents,a family! The moments in recovery as I held you for the first time and Daddy let everyone know you were here, and that you were a boy and the messages that piled back. That first night after Daddy had left and I held you in my arms for hours just staring at you. Then the journey home when daddy drove the pace of a snail and I sat next to you in the back seat. I Could go on for hours about that day but I want to talk more about this year!

Your 4th Year…….This year has been a huge one for change.

You started Preschool back in April a few months after your 3rd birthday and have completely taken it in your stride. It’s a wonderful little preschool that you love going to and I am so pleased I chose that one. You have made friends and have learnt so much already. You get excited every morning to go and see your friends and see what adventures the day will bring. You run at me when I come to pick you up and excitedly tell me what you have done, made and sung that day. You can recognise and almost write your name unaided as well as recognise numbers. You have just started to put numbers together to make double figures e.g. 8 & 6 is eigthy six and you have started talking about adding and subtracting – you’ve definitely got your daddy’s finesse with numbers.  Today you were so excited they had given you a card, 4 stickers, sang you happy birthday and you got to stand at the door handing out sweets to your friends. It made me feel so blessed seeing you so happy and proud.

You have gone from spending lots of time with grandparents while me and Daddy worked to having me at home, taking you too and from preschool and more recently in the evenings, as I’m on maternity leave from teaching.

You also became a big brother in October and although you have moments of jealousy they are never aimed at P. You want to help change his nappy, make him smile/laugh, give him his bottle and turn on his mobile in his cot. I can see the love you have for him already and I can’t wait to see your relationship grow.

You love Paw Patrol and Blaze and the Monster Machines most though Thomas the Tank Engine comes in to the mix every now and again. You are fantastic at puzzles (in fact Nanny bought you a 60piece one for your birthday-you opened it today and did it all yourself, we were stunned). You would race cars all day long, launching them, crashing them, racing them and have miles of tracks and loop the loops. You want someone to play with you always and are not keen on entertaining yourself, however when you do get caught up in a little story your imagination goes wild and it’s wonderful to listen to. Your favourite film at the minute is Big Hero 6 or The Muppets, though you’ve also had phases of watching Cars and Planes on loop too! You don’t like watching something new though, it takes a lot of persuading but then you are hooked. One of your favourite things to do at the minute is sing and dance around the kitchen. Your little wiggly butt, paired with the pointy fingers and elbows, the hands on the floor one leg in the air pose and the tongue out as you show us ‘your moves’ absolutely make my day. Your Fave songs are Uptown Funk (Calvin Harris & Bruno Mars, Can’t Stop that Feeling ( Justin Timberlake) and House every Weekend (David Zowie).

You have been through the terrible twos which weren’t too bad, the threenager stage (which at times has been horrendous) so I wonder what’s to come next? You certainly know how to pull off a mighty tantrum if you don’t get your own way and are very stubborn (I have no idea who you get that from?!),you have been known to hit, bite and screams. Place down but luckily enough this only happens at home. That is kept specially for mummy and daddy and the occasional visitor who sees you in a mood but generally everyone thinks you are a wonderfully polite and kind young boy. Preschool have praised your behaviour and how sweet you are and I couldn’t be prouder.

So this year you head to big school! Your application is in for the 2 schools in the village, we will find out in April where you’ll be going. You are already excited and mummy is a mix between terrified and hopeful! I have no doubt this will be another milestone you take in your stride. You’re so tall everyone already thinks you are older than you are and expect that bit more from you, a lot of the time even I forget that you are only 3. I am so excited to see what is next for you on this adventure and I feel so privileged to be able to share it all with you. It won’t always be easy but you will always have me.

Every day I look at you and how much you’ve grown. This year there seems to have been a huge change in your personality, your language, your capabilities, your understanding and your humour. You are a crazy little monkey-our Monkey Chops. You make me and Daddy laugh our heads off and want to throttle you on an almost daily basis. You are one special little boy that made such a big difference in our lives. Yes the fridge and cupboards may never be full enough for you (you little gannet), there may never be enough hours in the day to play every game you wish nor enough variety of clothes to cover your every growing limbs but you will always have a mummy and daddy that couldn’t wish for anything more than you and your brother.

I love you munchkin! We love you!

I hope you have the most wonderful day filled with family, friends, laughter, hugs oh and of course presents and cake!!

Love you Mummy x

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