#OrdinaryMoments #3 (2017) Meal Planning

Meal Planning has been something we’ve spoken about regularly over the last few years, but never really followed through on.
I’ve seen it work for so many people so we decided to give it a go this year
for a few reasons.

We are rubbish with money especially in the supermarket and could easily spend over£100 each week on food and extras!
We certainly do not have this kind of money to do this.

Especially in these winter months we’ve been sticking to comfort food (with not enough vegetables) as well as repeating meals and therefore dinner time was getting a bit boring.

Taking two kids to the supermarket is a drama in itself and those extra pounds you spend when your mooching around and come across some yummy treats is crazy, so we thought we’d try online food shopping. We’ve done it a hand full of times before, once after we had LB but never stuck to it.

Some people swear by it.
So we thought we’d give it a go and sat down last week and decided on our meal plan ideas. So every week we plan on mixing it up


Tuesday -Chicken

Wednesday – Fish

Thursday – Soup or Salad

Friday -Treat

Weekend-fly by the seat of our pants!

So Last week we stuck with some easy Ainsley Harriott meals which take less than half an hour but meant I could involve LB with cooking and there wasn’t loads of pressure on me.


Chicken Chilli Burger with Honey Glazed

Cantonese Cod Parcels

Minty Spinach, Garlic and Nutmeg Soup

Macaroni Cheese – our own recipe



It was lovely to have quick and easy meals, that we knew we had the ingredients for, that made our diet more variable and too be honest LB ate most of them!
We can sometimes have big issues at dinner time!

We really enjoyed last week and this week we already have a lovely selection
ready to go…..

Spinach and Chickpea Curry with Flatbreads
Oozing Mozzarella Chicken
Salmon Tart
Vietnamese Hotpot
Homemade Pizza

So far So Good!

Ordinary Moments - MummyDaddyMe

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