X-Men, Podcasts and Cookies #LittleLoves #3

Hello Friday!!
I hope you’ve all had a lovely week?
I feel like I’ve been wishing this week away a bit and I’m not sure why?!
It has been a week of feeling a bit overwhelmed which has left me
unproductive and a bit on edge.
I changed a few things around yesterday, after talking to some friends, and had a wonderful day with my boys and being fully present.

This Weeks Little Loves are X-Men, Podcasts and Cookies


I’m still thoroughly enjoying Like a Queen by Constance Hall.
I’m over half way and find it so relatable, I love the way she bigs up women
and really does take life as it is!

I’ve also been using my Bullet Journal and reading through all the to do’s and little lists I’ve created.  It certainly isn’t as pretty as I would like it (I am a serious perfectionist when it comes to stationary-i have been tempted to start again but have stopped myself).


My in laws gave us a DVD of X men The Apocalypse as they had got it free from Sky and me and B love a good Superhero film.
Thoroughly enjoyed that one-It was lovely to sit down with the hubby and chill.


Still being completely useless with music but have been listening to podcasts galore to help move my business forward. They have been making me feel inspired and motivated and a little bit overwhelmed with ideas.


This week we started meal planning.
For two reasons really-so we could do an online shop and keep costs down (we have a tendency to stock up on snacks and treats we don’t need in the supermarket) and also because we had started to eat the same things over and over.
So now every Mon-Fri we have a day of veggie, fish, chicken, soup/salad and a treat day, then at the weekend we are free to do as we please!

This week we’ve had Quesadilla, Minty Spinach and Nutmeg soup, turkey chilli burgers (couldn’t get minced chicken) with honey glazed new potatoes and Cantonese cod parcels. Tomorrow its macaroni cheese!


Me and LB also did a spot of baking yesterday, where we cracked out some rather yummy Chocolate Chip Cookies (I’ll put a recipe post with them up soon).


I treated myself to some of the Younique false lash look mascara, as friend has just started out with her Younique business. Yes a little expensive (ok a lot) but for someone who’s eyelashes have gone from long, curly and a complete eye catcher (pre kids) to flat and lifeless, I was starting to feel a bit bleurgh and thought it was worth a try! Hello lovely eyes!!

And Lastly

I got a fitbit for Christmas from my dad and stepmum and have been loving keeping an eye on how many steps i’m doing each day and how much sleep I’m getting. It has spurred me on even more to get out walking with the boys and the fresh air and exercise are doing me the world of good.  On the school run i then put the head phones on and listen to podcasts which are motivating me to push my business forward and really starting my day off with a bang.  If only there was enough hours in the day to do everything i want to do.


8 thoughts on “X-Men, Podcasts and Cookies #LittleLoves #3

  1. Morgana says:

    Wow, that mascara is fab! Very jealous of those eyelashes!
    I follow Constance Hall on FB and often find her so inspiring and supportive. I’ll have to keep an eye out for her book.
    Have a good week lovely xx


  2. mumreinvented says:

    Someone looks all warm and snuggly in the pram, how cute! Your meals this week sound gorgeous. Think I’ll have to try a few of those out. I like the idea of having different nights to stop having the same things time and again – I constantly seem to be making the same things every week, plus planning for 5 days instead of 7 is much more practical for me. I’m craving cookies now! Have a great week x


    • gemslittletreasures says:

      I know I wish I could jump in there with him! It’s working so far and I must admit having the freedom over the weekend means if we are craving something in particular we only have to wait a few days max. Hope you had a lovely weekend x


  3. Stacie (@ParkerandMe) says:

    Sounds like you are feeling positive about your business which is great! I love feeling productive in the morning, makes my day much better! Your meals for the week look delicious, we’ve been meal planning too and it has definitely helped us to save the pennies! Enjoy your weekend xx


    • gemslittletreasures says:

      Yes I am Stacie! It’s hard work and sometimes I just get completely bogged under but I’ve decided to go crazy for my 10th year and see where it takes me! A good morning sets you up for the day for sure. Fingers crossed the meal Planning continues as I’m loving he new recipes too. Have a lovely Sunday x


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