#OrdinaryMoments #2 (2017) Me Time

As a Mum of two and a Business Owner, Me time has certainly become elusive.
I have a tendency, as I am sure many women do, to put myself last.
To make sure everyone else is sorted and happy,
generally at the expense of my energy and sanity.

I have been seeing everywhere recently (I’m assuming its the New Years Resolutions) that you need to look after yourself,
that you can’t help others unless you are looked after.
I think self care is something that gets pushed to one side when there is so much else on your plate, but after listening to a podcast about stress recently
I realise thats the worst thing to do.
It is said that if you push out all the things that help you relax in order for you to have more time to get stuff done you are actually adding to your anxiety, but if you took time to do something you enjoy and helps you relax,
you’ll actually be more productive and creative.

So I started thinking about what makes me feel relaxed and what I need to do more of to create that calm feeling when I start to feel overwhelmed.
Little Ordinary Moments that I can enjoy daily to make me feel that flow of calm.

Have a Bath

Candlight, Bubbles and a glass of wine.
I usually take a book or magazine too
(definitely more relaxing than my phone, which i take in there sometimes too)
The quiet, the heat, the heavy feeling of your body and the dim light
do wonders for me-i usually end up sat in a completely cold bath and have been known to fall asleep I’ve relaxed so much (not a good idea)


Go To Bed Early

I have a tendency to stay up quite late even when I’m exhausted, as the evenings are the only time i feel i get a minute to myself to do something i enjoy and i don’t want to waste them sleeping.
This is not a good move though as I really don’t do tired well.
I always feel so much better if i get an early night and feel well rested.

Take A Walk

I have been walking LB to and from preschool recently as it is perfect for getting me active (loving my fitbit i got for Christmas for telling me how far I’ve Walked), enjoying the fresh air and giving me the chance to listen to some music or podcasts once its just me and P.
It’s a little bit of me time that sets me up for the day.



I find writing things down gives me perspective.
Sometimes I feel like the grass is greener, that we never do anything exciting, that I don’t do a very good job at housewife/mother/businesswoman etc and blogging lets me look at the good, look through my photos and remember all the little things.
The smile on my boys faces shows me that I’m not doing such a bad job after all.

Text or Call a Friend

Just that little bit of connection can chill me out.
Life can be so fast paced sometimes that friends get pushed to the sidelines
as we all have families/businesses/lives to think about.  Having an adult conversation or venting  little bit and having a friend put perspective on things, make you chuckle or just be there to tell you you’re awesome.

Cuddle My Boys

That closeness, their smell as you bury your nose in their hair.
The feeling that you are the best person ever for them and that you created such gorgeous human beings is just too much sometimes.

Flick Through Instagram

Instagram can sometimes make me feel overwhelmed, and I can get a little hint of the green eyed monster when I look at people doing things I wish I could do.
However it also shows me beauty and fun, colour and passion
and that makes me so happy.


I’m linking up with Katie at MummyDaddyMe for this weeks #OrdinaryMomentsOrdinary Moments - MummyDaddyMe

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