#Living Arrows 3/52 (2017)

My boys have certainly been keeping me on my toes recently,
both craving my full attention at all times and wearing me out
physically and mentally!
Here are my favourite photos of them this week.

I really have no idea where LB gets his energy from.
Being back at Preschool i was hoping for a bit of tiredness
and therefore some quiet afternoons, but he literally will not sit still.
He is not one for playing on his own and wants our attention all the time.
He will follow me around continuously asking/demanding me, to play so it means i have to do any work or tidying i need, either when he’s at preschool or asleep.
Its so lovely to see him so peaceful when he sleeps-a sigh of relief for the quiet!
Here he’s hugging his brothers bunny.  We couldn’t find his (which he can’t sleep without since taking away his dummy 6 months ago) but luckily his little brother has been given the exact one in a different colour and he was happy with that as a distraction.

P is changing daily I’m sure.
He’s starting to look a little less like his brother now and getting his own little looks. He’s such a smiler and happy baby, especially when he has your full attention.
He will occupy himself for small periods now which is handy as he is awake for longer, but he certainly makes it clear when he wants something else.

Living Arrows

10 thoughts on “#Living Arrows 3/52 (2017)

  1. Training Mummy says:

    I was gutted my my daughter stopped needing her Monkey at night time. Still am and that’s a year later. So cute. My son never took to having anything in bed with hi which I am a bit sad about. Hoping Baby 3 will have a toy that he or she needs at bedtime.


  2. selinasthisthateverythingblog says:

    My daughter is 8 and still sleeps with her tigger she had when she was a baby – we had to buy two when she was little just so I could wash one or she wouldn’t go to sleep either!! #livingarrows


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