#OrdinaryMoments #1 (2017) Limbo

So although many people have headed back to work/school and have started their new year with a bang, we are still in limbo (ok we were when I first started writing this post-not so much now I’m publishing).

Daddy is back at work, however as a self employed plumber he didn’t have many days off over the festive period anyway! Tomorrow (last Monday) is (was) the day that LB heads back to preschool and my Dance School kicks off for the Spring Term.

LB has been off preschool for 3 weeks and if I’m honest we are all completely ready to get back to our routine and kick off the motivation for 2017.

I have spent some time, when the kids have finally succumbed to sleep and worked out my goals for 2017. Things for me, for work and for home and have a certain amount of drive building up inside me, but I must be honest and admit that it’s been all about the PJ days, games, toys, social media, books and films for a little too long now!

This post is just a little reminder about the simple! Those days where we did so very little, in fact getting out of our pjs was a mission! Where home was our bubble and we just stayed cosy, apart from when we really needed to go buy milk!

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