My Fair Lady, The New Year and Advice #LittleLoves 

Hello Little Lovers, how are you all?
I can’t believe we are here in 2017.
I’m not sure why, but a New Year always seems to creep up on me
(even though i obviously know its coming) and it really gets my brain ticking!

For the past week – yes no advanced thinking happening here,
I’ve been reminding myself of all the good from 2016, the things I’ve learnt, the things I want to do more (and less) of in 2017 and everything in between.  I am a thinker normally but this time of year gets me inspired, motivated and sometimes completely overwhelmed.


This weeks Little Loves are My Fair Lady, The New Year and Advice.


I’ve been sneaking moments for Present Over Perfect but not enough,
so I am still only half way through.
I have written a list of books I would like to get through this year (there are way more than is likely to be possible i must admit) and organised some of my books up into my bedroom on a shelf above my dressing table and it reminds me to take some time to myself each time I look at it.

I’ve caught a few articles on line that I’ve seen on Facebook, that I’ve enjoyed including Dear Victoria : Mrs Beckham pens a letter to her 18 year old self and Advice From Some Old People. Both articles have just been a little bit of life perspective-perfect for this time of year-which remind you of the important things and to treat yourself a little gentler, as you never know know whats round the corner.


I’ve finished Series 1 of Quantico ready for the new series at the end of the month,
I thoroughly enjoyed it and got completely sucked in, so I can’t wait for Series 2.

We also watched Zootropolis this week which I really enjoyed.  It didn’t seem to keep LB’s attention unfortunately, but to be honest nothing apart from Blaze and the Monster Machines does at the minute, so a film was wishful thinking on my behalf!

I am looking forward to getting back into Silent Witness that started this week.
Me and the hubby have promised to watch both episodes tonight, as we’ve been busy all week – well me working and dealing with a non sleeping baby while the hubby watches footie.


With plans for our next Youth Theatre production underway, my first bit of choreography of the year is Ascott Gavotte from My Fair Lady which we will be putting on at the beginning of April.  First Rehearsal is Sunday so I better get my brain (and body) in gear. This is now on repeat!!


Some New Years Resolutions.
I am writing a post about the things I want from 2017,
but mainly it is all about doing more of what makes me happy and taking Action!!



Comfy, Comfy and more comfy!
At some point the New Years Diet will start-I couldn’t possibly tell you when, but I would love to give my wardrobe a bit of a makeover like Jess over at MummyofBoyGirlTwins has and theres no point in doing that when I’m still a bit squishy, which I can complete forgive less than 3 months (just!) after having a baby.


I also sorted out a lot of P’s clothes-which ones don’t fit him already and getting the next size out of boxes, while packing up a few bits for my newly pregnant friend. I realised there were a lot of outfits in 0-3 months that P had not worn but was going to grow out of soon and so rather than sleep suits I’ve been putting him in a few.  When I put him in this blue collared vest I remembered a picture of LB in the same one and I couldn’t help but take a picture and put them together.  They are still quite alike but there’s certainly some differences starting to show now.

And Lastly

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and New Year and are raring to go into 2017?!


10 thoughts on “My Fair Lady, The New Year and Advice #LittleLoves 

  1. Morgana says:

    Like LB it took my youngest a while to get into films and sit through them. In fact it has to be something special for her to sit still through it now and she’s nearly 6!
    I love My Fair Lady, though I’ve only seen the film version, not the stage show. Hope the rehearsals go well, lovelyxx


    • gemslittletreasures says:

      My idea of an hour or so to do what I want to do isn’t happening anytime soon then-lol! I haven’t actually seen my fair lady-oops, though I have obviously heard the music! First rehearsal was great so fingers crossed for the rest x


  2. VieChoufleur says:

    Zootropolis is great – we saw it in the cinema and it didn’t really keep my son’s attention either, but now that he can watch it on TV he loves it so you never know, maybe soon you’ll be watching it on repeat just like us 😉 Action is always good, hope you manage to do everything you want to! And have a great weekend too x #LittleLoves


  3. Stacie (@ParkerandMe) says:

    We are doing My Fair Lady in July! I’ve got to direct and choreograph KS3 doing Annie first! Eek….Hope you find some inspiration and the first rehearsal goes well. Parker is really into Paw Patrol at the moment, that is all that really holds his attention right now. Kids! Happy New Year! Enjoy your weekend xx


    • gemslittletreasures says:

      Oh wow how exciting! Hopefully you get some good inspiration-i am all about the youtube videos right now! Oh god Annie-we have done it a few times as a full musical and just the songs and its one that i have a love/hate relationship with now! Oh Paw Patrol was what LB was all about for years but we have slowly over the last 6 months moved to Blaze, though Paw Patrol is still in the top 2. Have a wonderful weekend and Happy New Year I hope 2017 is a good one for you x


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