The Siblings Project (December 2016)

I can’t believe I am on my third month of the Siblings Project.
Our Little P is 12.5 weeks old and our lives are a little crazy,
but oh so wonderful with him in it. 

LB thinks P is ‘sooooo cute‘, ‘the silliest boy in the world‘ and ‘the best little brother‘.
He has even told me that he loves him more than the Christmas tree and his bunny
-now that’s saying something!
He tells him he loves him and that he’ll never hurt him-so cute, but I’m not sure how accurate that is as I can imagine quite a few brotherly scraps over the years.

Bathtime is certainly a new favourite of these two’s.
P kicks around, waving his arms and seems to love the warmth and feeling of being free.  LB tries to include P in his little games with his bath toys and gently splashing him and they giggle away together.

There are soooooo many cuddles!

LB had his first set of School Photos and they were about 5 weeks after P was born.  The first professional photo of them together.
It was so nice to see a big smile on LB’s face as this was less than a week after he had been in hospital and was only just well enough to go back in, but he had missed preschool so much.

It truly is wonderful to see their little bond growing.
To see P responding to LB now, the smiling, the cooing and little giggles.
He follows him with his eyes and although LB can sometimes be a little rough he tries so hard to involve P in everything he does.
However launching hot wheels into his vibrating chair while he sat in it,
probably wasn’t the best game!


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